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Gavin MacFadyen

Visiting Professor

Department of Journalism


Gavin MacFadyen is a Visiting Professor at City, and the Director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism, an international training charity.

He has been a Senior producer-director of many World in Action, Channel 4 Dispatches, BBC's Fine Cut, 24 Hours, Panorama, The Money Programme, Multi Cultural Birmingham, and PBS Frontline programmes from 1970 to the present.  

These investigations were researched, directed and produced in Britain, Ecuador, Guyana, South Africa, Mexico, Hong Kong, Thailand, the USSR, the US, Sweden, India and Turkey.

Subjects ranged from:

  • nuclear proliferation
  • child labour
  • the torture of political prisoners in Turkey and Bolivia
  • UK industrial accidents
  • UK neo-Nazi violence
  • Chinese criminal societies
  • the history of the CIA
  • Guyana election fraud
  • Watergate
  • maritime safety
  • sanctions-busting and the Iraq arms trade

as well as

  • Frank Sinatra & The Mafia
  • the Diamond Empire, and Regional Cuisines of India. 

Undercover filming abroad was conducted in Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, New York, Washington, Turkey, Greece, Nicaragua, Portugal, and the Netherlands. 

He was also Technical Advisor on 'The Insider' (released 2000), dir Michael Mann and starring Al Pacino; also Gumbase - Opium Traffic in the Golden Triangle, Marine Piracy in Thailand, Vietnam Combat Photography, 48 Hours for Nick Nolte and Walter Hill, The Mexican DFS Murders for John Frankenheimer, LA Stolen Car Traffic, for Lance Hill, Paramount. The Torture and Killing of Unarmed Nicaraguan Civilians by the Contra (New Statesman and the LA Weekly); and Latino with Haskell Wexler. MacFadyen was also a mentor at the Fact/Fiction Workshops run by Performing Arts Labs and a consultant to the Alliance-Atlantis investigative series, 'Coverups'.
He is also Director of the International Journalism Summer Schools, UK 2003, 2004, 2006 and of the The New York conference of Financial and Business Investigative Journalism, 2005 at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Professor MacFadyen is Co-Designer, South African Power Reporting Workshops 2005-7, Wits University, Johannesburg, and recipient, EU MEDIA programme grant, Social History website project, 1998; and a Senior Research Fellow,  Glasgow University, 2002-03 and  Caledonian University (Glasgow) 2000.

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