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  2. Tips from a Sociology student

Tips from a Sociology student

Third year BSc Sociology student, Lewis Regan, gives his best tips on how to prepare for your start at City, University of London.

So, you've finished your exams and you've applied for University. Now all that's left to do is wait for those all-important results. First of all, well done for getting through one of the toughest times of your life so far. So, let’s say you have the grades you need to get into university, now all you need to do is follow these simple tips to ensure your transition from College/Sixth-Form is as smooth as possible.

1)  Packing

So, this is probably the first time you have lived away from home. University halls are one university experience not to be missed. This is where I have met some of my closest friends. The first thing you need to think about is what to pack. Make sure you pack all the essentials like bedding, clothes etc. When it comes to kitchenware, I would suggest taking cutlery (which also seems to go missing so take a couple of sets), plates, dishes a mug and a glass. Remember, in your new halls you may be sharing a kitchen with up to 10 people, so when you get there set up a Whatsapp group and decide on putting some money together to buy a kettle, toaster etc.- because you don't need 10 of each item.

2)  Flu

FRESHERS' FLU IS REAL! Freshers' week will be one of the best weeks to make friends a university. Not only do City put on various events around campus, there are also other fun opportunities to make those all-important friends on nights out. Just remember to take some paracetamol and ibuprofen.

3)  Finance 

It's well known that being a student can be hard financially. However, if you budget you can live a Champagne lifestyle on a Prosecco budget. The first thing you need to do is look at which student bank account suits you. Most UK banks offer student bank accounts with a few incentives like free rail cards. The main advantage of a student bank account is the overdraft. Now, at first I was a bit cautious to agree to an overdraft, however, it has helped me out on multiple occasions. With a student overdraft, you only have to pay back the amount you have used. With budgeting look at how much money you will have over the month and split it up into food, travel and social expenditure and maybe a little savings. You never know what you might get up to in London, as there is always something going on, so a little extra money you have saved may come in handy.

4)  Part time job 

I know, university is meant to be one of the most exciting times of your life why would you want a part time job? You may even be thinking will I have time for a part time job? Yes…a part time job is a lifesaver. There is a helpful careers service at City that can help you find a job or you could apply to become a Student Ambassador with Unitemps. Whatever it is you decide to do, you will be grateful when you receive your pay check and have that little extra cash to spend.

5)  Staying in contact 

So, you've moved to another area and made new friends, but what about your old ones? Well they might be going through the same as you. Make sure you drop in on them from time to time with a text or a FaceTime call. Make sure you set aside some time to speak family and friends each week because, if you've never moved away from home, it might feel a little strange moving in on your own.

6)  The time of your life

Most of all, my top tip for anyone starting at City, is to enjoy it. I have had the best three years of my life and I would never regret my move to London. I have made friends for life, had the best three years of my life all while getting a degree. Never put too much pressure on yourself because, this does nobody any favours. Enjoy your time at City, university of London, and have fun!