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  2. Tips from an English student

Tips from an English student

Second year BA English student, Aisha Patel, gives her top tips on how to prepare for your start at City, University of London.

You’re finally done with A-level stress, but the stress of starting university is holding you back from enjoying your summer. Stress no more! Here are some basic tips to prepare you for university life:

  1. Get Involved

    Don’t get me wrong, university is about hitting the books. But it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself! Take advantage of everything that is available to you outside the classroom. I’ve met one too many graduates who regret not enjoying their university years, so say yes to things more often!  In your first year there will be so much going on- flat parties, society parties, freshers’ events – make yes your best friend during this season to get the most out of your social life.

  2. Take an active role in your learning

    It’s undeniable that when we have deadlines looming and mountains of prep we forget to enjoy the course we chose to study. So, appreciate your opportunity to taste-test the wide variety of options you have and pay attention to what you are drawn to the most. Explore things you find interesting in the classroom and take control of your learning. This will not only help to draw out a career plan, but it will make studying so much more fun and fulfilling.

  3. Make Lists!

    I can’t stress this enough. The key to staying on top of your work and avoid overworking yourself the night before an assignment is due, by forcing yourself to drink unhealthy amounts of caffeine, is to make lists. Lists are underrated. They help to avoid stress by anticipating your workload, which means no assignment will ever catch you off guard again.

  4. Knowledge Is Power!

    Use your first year to explore what the university has to offer by never saying no to any opportunity, you never know where it will take you. First year is also great for understanding the most efficient way for you to study. Play around with note-taking techniques and essay writing until you find one that works for you.

  5. Go To Your Lectures

    Not to state the obvious but go to your lectures! There are literally no downsides to doing this. Want to build a relationship with your lecturers so they’re nice to you when you need help, go to their lectures. Want to make friends with people from your course, go to your lectures. Want to stay on top of your work and pass your modules, go to your lectures.

  6. Budget

    Never run out of money by calculating how much money you’ll need per week and keeping to that number religiously! Make yourself familiar with where student finance helpdesk is in case you need their help later in the year.

  7. Prioritise Yourself

You can’t get through three years of university if you’re not putting yourself first. There will be many opportunities, especially during fresher’s week, and you don’t need to say yes to them all. Staying true to yourself and going to events you enjoy will bring you closer to likeminded people. Another tip is to make yourself familiar with the services the university offers you before you need to use them. This goes for services like mental health services, student finance and GP.