1. Undergraduate applicants to City, University of London
  2. Tips from a Computer Science student

Tips from a Computer Science student

MSci Computer Science with Cyber Security student, Iman Ismail, gives her best tips for preparing for your start at City, University of London.

  • Balance and Academics…
    • Keeping on top of your studies is vital- the more you fall behind, the harder it is to catch up. You have your contact hours, but other than that, there is more work you are required to do independently. Learning balance in your life is very important for maintaining a healthy life- balance between your social life and academics is vital in your first year of university.
  • Freshers’ and Societies
    • Freshers’… not knowing anyone in your university might be hard but that’s what freshers’ week is for! You will meet so many people, you may not remain friends with them but it’s a good start. Live your best life, do things that you wouldn’t normally do and get out of your comfort zone. Joining societies is a good place for you to meet more people that have similar interests to you in an easy-going environment.
  • Lectures
    • ATTEND ALL LECTURES. These lectures may be recorded but it's always best that you attend them in person. This gives you the opportunity to ask your lecturer or peers any questions you may have, and hear any details left out of the recoding. (PS. unlike A levels, university exams aren't nationalised. They are written by your lecturers! Don't miss out on their exam hints!)
  • Budget
    • Being a student, it’s essential knowing how to budget, especially with your student finance. Keeping in mind, you need to eat, travel, buy your textbooks and have spending money. Top tip - make sure you can't get your books for free from the library or online before purchasing them.
  • Careers
    • Grab all available opportunities with both hands. There will be many career fairs and events that the university organises- attend them! And who knows… you might even meet your future employer. The careers services are available for students who need help with their CV, finding placements and even a part-time job- utilise these services whilst you can.