1. Undergraduate applicants to City, University of London
  2. TEDx


Third year International Political Economy student, Leo helped to set up TEDx talks at City.

Two years ago, at the beginning of the first academic year, a group of young, bright and motivated students decided that they would love to create something interesting, something, that students from City, University of London would enjoy and get academic and life advantage from. Those students were us. Eventually the bright idea of a TEDx talk came to Nikita Lazarenko -later on, it became obvious that it was a really good idea!

When we received a license from TED Talks officials, we started to organise the event.  After we had allocated roles and responsibilities between each member of the newly established team, the preparations began.

First of all, it was very important for us to amaze our potential audience. Hence, the most important criteria for the speakers to take part in TEDx was their life experience and the ability to present the information in an appropriate and fascinating manner. Fortunately for the team, most of the speakers that we have contacted have expressed the desire to help us and participate in the conference. Most of the speakers have been brought in by Umar Shodiev, our Speakers Relations Co-organiser. Finding great speakers is about connections and networking. Personally, for me, it was hard to find the right performers: I’m pleased to say I found a speaker for each of the events we ran!

Nevertheless, everyone in the management team tried to bring as many benefits to the organisation of the event as it was possible. Moreover, a relentless importance of other activities such as budgeting, team management, event management, marketing, designing, branding and provision of merchandise should not be underestimated when talking about the event set up. There were no irrelevant and useless roles. Teamwork has been a vital skill. Without any of the team members, the event would be different. We found that if we worked as a team that the mechanism can function well, but only if we all worked hard to get all the details right.

During both of our events, I was very happy that some of the performers were so professional and captivating speakers: The audience was engrossed during their speech and bursting with applauses after speakers final words! I guess, the best reward for our team were the smiles and the good mood of the audience during and after the conferences. It was also nice to hear from other students that they would like to participate in new upcoming events. Even if TEDx positively influenced only on one person who watched the conference, it was worth all our hard work!