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  2. Succeed in the world of actuarial science

Succeed in the world of actuarial science

With the longest established Actuarial Science undergraduate degree in England, Cass Business School offers you a sound education in actuarial and financial studies, as well as mathematics, statistics and information technology.

Find out more about the BSc Actuarial Science course at Cass from the Course Director and a former student below.

“The actuarial industry covers a wide and ever expanding range of roles.  One definition of an actuary is someone who applies a knowledge of mathematics, statistics and economics to the solution of problems, which usually involve risk and finance.  While traditionally an actuary worked either in life insurance or the pensions industry this has been changing over the last number of years.  The change is due to an increasing demand for non-life insurance such as motor insurance and travel insurance as people’s wealth has increased.  This has been coupled with the increase in computer power which has allowed actuaries to analyse and model data far quicker than before and hence keep on top of the more dynamic non-life insurance market.

Away from the insurance area actuaries are also involved in financial risk management which has become more prominent due to the recent financial turmoil.

For people who want to apply their mathematical skills to solve real world problems in the financial area the actuarial profession is ideal and the increasing demand for financial risk managers will keep the job market buoyant for the foreseeable future.”

Dr David Smith, Co-Course Director, BSc Actuarial Science, Cass Business School

“I chose to do an Actuarial Science degree because I wanted a head start in my goal of becoming a qualified actuary. The BSc Actuarial Science course at Cass offered the maximum number of exemptions from the professional exams required and the faculty were the best qualified out of all the universities I reviewed. As Cass is ideally located close to the financial hub of London, this offered me more exposure to the businesses and networks that would be useful in my career.

The technical actuarial knowledge I gained on the course put me ahead of all other candidates when interviewing for my first job – demonstrating the quality of the teaching at Cass. The computing skills I learnt were invaluable to my employer as it gave me the confidence to assist in creating and developing their models and spreadsheet processes at a much earlier stage than other graduate trainees.

I now work at a very unique business that is based around building partnerships with insurance businesses. Within this business I work on the development and pricing of life and health insurance products and the development of actuarial and financial models for a number of European partners.

The BSc Actuarial Science course at Cass has given me a solid technical understanding of concepts required to be a successful actuary in today’s financial world.”

Jean Eu, Correlation Risk Partners Limited