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Studying Economics

Economics student, Aahuti, explains why she chose Economics and what she enjoys about studying at City.

I wanted to study Economics because it fascinated me and it effects all areas of life. It is a subject, which not only provides us with general understanding of how the world “works”, but with skills that can be applied to our day-to-day lives. So it is not just about physical, financial and technological, but also about leading, planning and organising resources.

My favourite area of Economics is Microeconomics because I feel that the theory learnt from this area can be easily applied to real-life situations and so this has enabled me to understand the world better and through a different perspective.

As Economics is a broad subject so you can choose from many different career paths. I decided (after much researching) to apply for Auditing and Tax graduate schemes because personally, I felt like my knowledge would come in most useful in these areas, and therefore provide me with leverage in general. I hope that this graduate scheme will help me ease into the working world and help me achieve my career goals. City has helped me with this process in terms of offering me the opportunity to go to many networking events and panel discussions with regards to careers. By going to these, I was able to figure out what I was interested in and what I was not -before coming to City I didn’t have any idea of what my career path would be.

AahutiAs City is based in the heart of London, and so not far from home for me, I decided to commute from home in my first year. But at the same time I wanted to explore the City more. And so in my second year I decided to get private accommodation near University with 2 friends I had met in my first year. Moving out has definitely made me more independent and I feel like I have changed as a person for the better. Being on a budget and handling expenses was a lot more difficult than I thought, but definitely something I needed to learn. There is a lot of student accommodation near university, and mine was walking distance to the main campus building therefore going to 9am lectures were particularly easy! Overall, it was definitely one of the best decisions I have made during my university life and I recommend it to everyone, especially those that have commuted in first year from home, as you will get to experience university in a different way. As someone who loves travelling and exploring and likes to call even going to the local supermarket to buy a pint of milk an ‘adventure’, living out was something which made me realise how great of a city London really is!