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Starting in London, Starting at City

Final year BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management student, Madalina, reflects on what it was like both starting out in London and starting out at City, University of London.

madalina-perjoiuAs an international student, I had never been to London or any other city in the UK before arriving here in here. September 2016 to start my new life. So, if it’s the first time in the UK for you too, don’t panic! You’re about to embark on one of the most inspiring and transformative experiences of your life. As I am awaiting my graduation ceremony for the Class of 2019 for BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management at Cass Business School, I am happy to share my top tips for your uni life.

Starting at City was, in fact, much more straightforward to me than I expected. I was lucky enough to be living in East Central House, the student halls at City, for Freshers'- so everyone was in the same boat as me and I could meet people within the first few hours of moving in. Most student halls organise special events to welcome you to London, so you’ll most certainly have an opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world as soon as you arrive.

The process of registering as a current student at City, as well as opening a bank account, getting my national insurance number and other administrative tasks to be completed were all explained to me, when I needed assistance, by the Student Centre- the team I always visited if I had a question about my life at university. Although I was lucky enough to find accommodation on time, I was happy to find out that there is a specialised team, dedicated to helping new and current students with their accommodation questions and booking – I even applied to halls through them in my final year of uni! They also help with visas, fees, student identification cards and more – find out about them

Once Freshers’ Week started, everything went smoothly for me thanks to the help from City – from straightforward timetables and easy-to-access learning materials, we were informed of all steps we needed to take, far in advance, as well as all of the social activities we could get involved in. In the first meeting with our Course Director, all our questions were answered and we all felt we were ready to start our studies after the Induction Week passed.

When it comes to other opportunities to meet new friends, joining societies during Freshers’ Fair and signing up to be a Marketing Student Ambassador were crucial steps in connecting with people for me. The Experience City portal is very useful if you’re looking for fun activities to do while studying, such as volunteering or paid work, and it is very likely you’ll find like-minded people in your working groups.

I wish you a lovely time at City – make the most of it! The last three years have flown by for me and most certainly they’ll feel just as quick for you too.

If you would like to find out more about Madalina, you can visit her student profile, here.