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Speech and Language Therapy tips

Final year Speech and Language Therapy student, Sonally, gives her top tips for preparing for university life.

1. Breathe.

Its your last summer before you start the next big chapter of your life – uni! This may be both stressful, and exciting at the same time. Funny thing though, we tend to focus on the ‘stressful’ bit more than we should. From packing up our lives into one suitcase, or one teeny, weeny halls room, to the pressures of being a new person all over again. My advice – breathe! Yes uni is a big step, but hey so was high school, and guess what you made it! Take things in your stride, and focus on the excitement of this amazing opportunity, rather the stresses!

2. Independent you.

With uni days not far off now, I would say get into the habit of being independent. Do you for you! :) From doing your laundry to cleaning your room, to making plans with friends and family to planning your summer. Take control of your life, and know that you can do anything you set your mind to. Everything is as easy as you make it, so do yourself a favour and start to adapt to being more independent and in control of your life. Believe you can and you will!


If you’re used to and reliant on home cooked food, it’s time to learn a new skill. Believe it or not cooking and feeding ourselves becomes a big part of uni life. With a lot more brain power being used, we tend to get more hungry, so knowing how to cook pre uni is important because a) you have the choice of eating delicious food, and b) you are not going to be made into a washer/chopper – you can dominate your kitchen with your new talent! Not a bad bet at all! Jokes aside it’s cheaper to eat home meals most of the time, so think of the big picture!

4. Be social media savvy.

If you haven’t already joined fresher and uni social media pages – please join, join away! It’s a good idea to boost your excitement even more as you will be updated with various events, and maybe even come across future uni friends. It’s also a good way to put yourself out there, and diminish all the first day student nightmares! These pages are made by students tailored for the fresher, so they will be able to assist you in any and all ways! So do use them!

5.Enjoy your summer!

As much as prepping for uni is useful, cut yourself some slack, and enjoy your summer! Remain calm, get excited and take things as they come; maybe allow for the spontaneousness of life, you never know where it may take you! Do things to bring out the best possible version of you – maybe even discover who that person is! Uni is another great learning curve and it’s up to you what you do with the opportunity :)