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Q-step centre

Students in International Politics, Sociology, Criminology and Media and Communications can opt into the Q-step.

LauraMy name is Laura and I’m a third year Media, Communications and Sociology student. Last year I opted in to the Quantitative Methods pathway offered by City, University of London (known as Q-Step). There are only 15 Q-Step centres in the country so not many students get this opportunity.

Q-step is about supporting students in the social sciences in learning how to interpret and analyse data. These days data is everywhere in society: the media, healthcare, drug use, crime rates, profiling, sales figures the list goes on.

I am an extremely curious person and I really enjoy investigating things within society. There is a lot of meaning behind data that tells stories about people lives as individuals and as part of a society. It can help understand and express what is going on in society in a given moment or over time. This can be used in the real world both by government and organisations to improve their services and make policy according to what society needs, in order to improve it and make life in a society easier for citizens.

Before I started studying at City I didn’t enjoy working with data at all. But this is because I only had to chance to work with it in Maths: so for me data meant numbers. I used to find it very boring and daunting at times.

Now data means something completely different to me -there is no need to be good at maths. Data is something completely different from numbers. It entails a lot more meaning, which I can only discover by analysing it. This is what makes it interesting, in my opinion. Data can have a lot of different meanings, depending on how you interpret it. This can that have a huge impact later on if it’s then used in government policy or the media.

I would tell future students that even though Quantitative Methods seems to be more difficult, it really isn’t. It does takes a bit more effort to understand how things work, but when you do, it is extremely satisfying.

I think that going on the Q-step has been one of the best choices I have ever made. And I would definitely advise you to consider it when you come to City!