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Psychology pathways

Here at City, one of the unique features of our Psychology degree is our pathways scheme.

We allow our third year students to specialise in their preferred area of psychology –allowing them to graduate with a specialist degree, which is reflected in their degree title.

Our students can either stay doing the broad Psychology course or have the choice of four pathways:

  • Child Development
  • Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Counselling and Health

All pathways are BPS accredited so allow students to continue their studies to become a registered Psychologist in just one of the many areas of Psychology, including: Counselling, Organisational Psychology, Child Psychology and Behaviour economics to name a few. Below some of our students tell us their experiences.

Behavioural Economics Pathway

“I’ve been interested in how people think since secondary school, so I chose to study an A-level in Psychology which strengthened my desire to pursue a career in the field. What drove me to choose my particular pathway was the specialisation in behavioural economics, a powerful combination of psychology and economics, something which I find very interesting and thought provoking. In addition, I found it exciting to think how what appears to be simple ideas have such influential meaning, for example in a supermarket everyday essentials such a bread, milk etc. tend to be placed towards the rear of the store or near promotional offers, thus consumers are made aware of such products therefore are more likely to purchase these. Aspects as such are fascinating to me as they can be applied to real life settings and really trigger one’s thinking. How the government influence us and how each and every day we live in a psychologically constructed atmosphere are particular aspects which interest me. For this reason, the combination of such powerful aspects of economic strategies encompassing psychological meaning I chose to take up the behavioural economics pathway.”

Nasima Bashar

Counselling and Health Psychology pathway

“I am an undergraduate psychology student and chose to do the counselling and health psychology pathway. The main reason why I chose this pathway is because I want to be a counsellor. The pathway has enabled me to do a research project closely related to the title of the pathway. My degree title will be extended from BSc psychology to include BSc psychology with counselling and health psychology. I think that my extended degree title will look good in applications for higher postgraduate education”

Loy Bbosa