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Optometry tips

Recent Optometry Graduate, Reema Amin, shares her top 10 tips for starting university life.

After having completed 3 years of Optometry, I can safely say it has been the most challenging but best few years of my life. I felt exactly the same as any one of you reading the article … excited, not knowing what to expect and maybe a little worried. BUT… look no further, I have compiled a list of 10 tips about how to start university life, particularly in relation to Optometry. So I hope it helps…!

1. Attend Fresher’s fairs! Some of you may prefer to lay on a sunny beach in Taiwan and quit Fresher’s altogether (which does sound rather tempting), but believe me Fresher’s is the time to find out a lot of things which can give you a head start on your degree course. For example knowing the main companies involved in Optometry, finding out about exciting career prospects, meeting new people, discovering societies such as OpSoc, oh and the parties


2. Be organised and plan a schedule for socialising, exploring the area and the campus, studying and utilizing the university facilities. 

3. Moodle is your new friend. Find out what modules you will be studying and read the assessment guidelines which give an overview of what the module consists of, and assessment types… these guidelines are extremely useful over all 3 years. 

4. Manage your costs effectively – London is costly so invest in a student discount card, student oyster card, NUS card…. – hey being a student is fun!


5. Study hard from the beginning as this will help during exam time – “little but often”. 

6. Become a member of AOP (Association of Optometrists), College of Optometrists – these organisations form the backbone of the Optometry industry. So get linked from day one!

7. Make use of the University’s career services which provide CV workshops to get your applications all polished and up to date! 

8. I highly recommend a weekend job in an Opticians – it is unbelievable how much you will learn from a few hours on the weekend, and it also allows you to get a feel for what working in a practice is really like!


9. Find out the main personnel (‘the gurus of Optometry’) involved in running the Optometry degree – ie: who to go to when you need help about a particular aspect. Also your personal tutors are available to provide ongoing support and are very helpful. 

10. Work hard, play hard. Make the most of your time at university as the years will fly by! Good luck with everything – you can do it!

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