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Internship opportunities

City’s careers service helped Andreea find a summer internship with a large bank in the City Of London.

About my degree

I am currently a final year Economics with Accounting student enjoying my last term before joining the adult life, aka the job market. I was lucky enough to have completed a summer internship in a bank, which I found through City’s careers website. This may represent the turning point in my career.

How did I find the internship?

It took me a while to figure out what job would match my skill set and when I finally did, I began to apply for a few placements and internships. It was during the last month of Spring that I decided to have a look on the City’s careers website. By that time I had a rough idea of what I was looking for. On the website there were many internships, placements and even full-time jobs advertised and after doing some research , I applied for a tax role in a bank in London. The process was quite straight forward and after two weeks I was offered a role from that bank. 

What did I gain from it?

The bank was located in a very busy area, close to Liverpool Street, where you could enjoy your lunch break
in a park across the building; quite an unusual landscape combination. I was part of a very welcoming team and during my 10 weeks I was involved in various projects. I liaised with HMRC and worked with Ernst & Young consultants. I also reviewed Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss accounts with a view to submit an annual tax return for the bank. Furthermore, I performed an annual review of the Senior Accounting Officer Rules for UK entities of the Group. All of my co-workers did their best in providing me with all the necessary resources to complete my tasks at work. Apart from the daily responsibilities, my team mates used to spend time with me explaining the difficult concepts in Tax. They also improved my understanding of how the entire system works, and on what to focus on in the future should I choose a career in Tax or Accounting. I had the most dedicated and efficient team, and it was a pleasure to be around them. The work placement was a very good opportunity to learn about real life jobs, as it provided me an insight into what people are really like in the work place, and most importantly it taught me what I wanted in my career.

How can I use this in the future?

The fact that I can figure out what I want to do at this early stage in my career is the most important achievement. As a final year we all know that finding a job after graduation is the dream. As a result of the internship, I had plenty of examples to describe in my graduate job interview, and therefore this helped me secure a graduate job, which consists of working in a consulting firm, whilst studying for my ACA (chartered accountant qualification).


With no intention to exaggerate, I think City has provided me with all the resources to develop both personally and especially career wise. It is up to you to do the research and prepare for interviews.