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  2. How we are changing the world

How we are changing the world

While you have been considering where to study, you may have noticed you keep seeing references to a university's research. Hopefully we can help explain why.

Universities are discoverers, generators and disseminators of knowledge. This means that academic staff who will be teaching our undergraduate students are world-leading experts in their field.

This means City has a profound impact on the world in which we live through the research of our academic community. Our academics are constantly striving in the pursuit of knowledge; both locally and internationally. Here we briefly introduce examples from some of our staff who have recently made an impact on the world in which we live.

Professor Alan Simpson (Health)

Professor Alan Simpson talks about his recent research into peer support and improving the after care of people who suffer from mental health illness.

Alan is a key member of the Joint Institute of Mental Health Nursing established between East London NHS Foundation Trust and City.

Professor Jo Wood (Computing)

Professor Jo Wood talks about how his recent research into visual analytics helped Transport For London (TFL) visualise the journeys Londoners make.

Dr Wood says: "Our visualisations provide several functions, showing the availability of bikes in the last 24 hours at each pick-up and drop-off point; tracking and simulating bike journeys; and highlighting how factors such as weather and day of the week affect usage. Such analysis will be crucial to any future changes or improvements to the scheme."

Professor Joseph Lampel (Business)

Professor Joseph Lampel from Cass Business School talks about how his experience in research and the media is able to "bring real-world experience to life in a way which enriches his teaching".

Joseph regularly works with top management teams in the area of strategy, creativity, and business innovation.

Dr Dan Wilsher (Law)

Dr Dan Wilsher from the City Law School talks about how his experience as a solicitor working with refugees in detention centres is able "to inspire students they can a make a positive contribution in law, by learning from someone who is practising exactly that himself."

Dr Joana Fonseca (Engineering)

Dr Joana Fonseca from the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering introduces her research in Geo-technical Engineering and focuses on how her she is able to bring her experience to her teaching, with "students extra motivated to learn theory when they know from experience that this has direct implications when it comes to building."

Professor Rosemary Hollis (Politics)

Professor Rosemary Hollis from the Department of International Politics, expert on conflict studies, introduces how her research "informs not just what she teaches, but, the way she teaches; bringing to life the academic things; the books, the articles, the theories."