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Top 10 tips for preparing for university life

Third year economics student, Kajal, gives her top 10 tips for preparing for university life.

1. Sort out your student account

There are many options for student accounts with most of the high street banks. It is best to choose one that caters to your needs for instance Santander offer a free ‘rail card’ for 3/4 years depending on the length of your course, however if you do not travel by rail to uni there may be better options so do your research.

2. Balance your budget

It’s a good idea to sum up all your costs over the year to know averagely how much you want to spend on books and food and accommodation to provide a bigger picture so you can balance out your finances.

3. Buy your student essentials

Before the university semester begins there are many student offers at large retailers on top of the usual student discount. For instance printers are usually on sale or come with bundle deals on laptops, so buying in this period may save you more money. It is also a good idea to see what facilities you may already have before going ahead to buy extra as a printer may not be necessary.

4. Learn to cook

One of the best life skills would be learning to cook with some basic ingredients, this will save you money in the long term. Learning to cook basic dishes like pasta or jacket potato will keep your hunger at bay and slowly releases energy helping you stay focused on work for longer.

5. Check emails daily

This is crucial as many students who fail to check their emails end up at the wrong venue or simply miss out on university opportunities.

6. Look for a job at your uni

This is a great way to make extra money whilst barely leaving your uni. There are many jobs available at the careers centre for students such as tutoring or even writing this article.

7. Decide what to take

If you’re moving out it is important to sift through what you’re taking as over packing takes up so much space and you end up having more by the end of the academic year which you have to bring back.

8. Loyalty cards

Another great way to save money is through loyalty cards or memberships to some places like local coffee shops or restaurants, such as Nandos.

9. Societies

These are a great way to meet people with similar hobbies to you plus making friends across other courses, it is a must to join up to these during fresher’s week.

10. Buy books second hand

Books are extremely expensive and depending on your course you may end up buying 10 books at £50 each or more! Don’t buy your books straight away as there are usually flyers across the campus of people looking to sell their old books which are in good condition for almost half of the price.