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Computing tips

Recent Computing Graduate, Silvestre Romeo, shares his top 10 tips for starting university life.

4 years of studying this degree and all is completed! Back when I was in your situation I was ecstatic to start but very nervous of what this course has to offer. However no need to worry yourself! These ten tips will get you through these years at City and it will all be worth it in the end.

1.  Attend Fresher’s: Fresher’s week is the beginning of your years studying computing. Meet other students who are entering the same course and share experiences of what got you this far in the education ladder. Your upcoming lecturers will also be there so be sure to get advice on how to kick-start your degree and do well.

2.  Attend Career Events: This is highly recommended as City invite different companies within the IT industry. Did I forget to mention that I had the chance to meet employers from Facebook?! And also not to mention Microsoft! City attract employers from high-profile companies. Eventbrite is the best tool to register for these.

3.  Worried about doing an IT placement whilst at university? The professional liaison unit offer the professional pathway scheme and other placement schemes to ensure students are flexible when gaining professional experience whilst studying computer science modules. 

4.  Start coding: Computer Science degrees within City especially with games technology undertake programming modules which will teach you both theory and practice of programming. Now’s the time to give yourself an early start in discovering and practising programming languages as there are tons of resources, even on YouTube; built by computer scientists!

5.  Almighty Moodle; your ally! Discover modules you will undertake and view module specs for these modules as you know exactly what is required to excel! Feel free to share questions and answers on the Moodle forum with module leaders and other classmates to gain effective feedback on what you have shared.

6.  Join the computing society where all students from all computing degree courses share knowledge and take part in exciting events held in and out of City. Hackathon is a popular event for computer science students to apply their knowledge in their technical skills to create apps in a team.

7.  Organise yourself: distribute your time between studying and other commitments, socializing with other students, and produce a work plan to conquer these modules! Prepare for upcoming exams bit by bit each day.

8.  Discover discounts, make sure you have every bargain to help with travel and other expenses to save money when needed most!

9.  Prepare a portfolio to store all your projects done within modules and outside to stand out above everyone else when taking on employers in the IT industry.

10.  Work hard, play hard! Make sure you work hard throughout the degree to achieve high results and also play hard as reward for putting your all into this degree!