1. Undergraduate applicants to City, University of London
  2. #CityJTips


At the start of every year, when we welcome our new students we ask current students and journalism alumni for their top tips.

We thought we’d share some with you now before you start. Remember to check out #CityJTips in September!

  • Key advice: when interviewing: PREPARATION PREPARATION PREPARATION + LISTEN! #CityJTips
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. You'll always regret that question you didn't have the nerve to ask in an interview #CityJTips
  • Working at media houses always results in tips. Here's one; if you question yourself on something you wrote, don't go with it. #CityJtips
  • Don't say "I follow you on twitter", cite something that you found relevant about their online presence #CityJtips
  • From companies and firms to roads and transport, find out who's in charge for answers to those all-important questions. #CityJtips
  • Journalists should avoid clichés like the plague. #CityJtips
  • Never turn down free food & buy yourself a phone juice pack-it'll save your life some day. Everything else you'll learn as you go #CityJtips
  • "Experience matters but the idea is everything: have the nerve and persistence" - big thanks to @SarahbaxterSTM giving journos #cityjtips
  • Value your sources and contacts. People in media are time-poor and won't bother with you if you've messed them around even once #CityJtips
  • Master the apps & techniques to take smartphone multi-media to 100%. It'll be part of your future job. #CityJtips
  • Bring your own cup and teabag and they'll give you free hot water in the cafe #Cityjtips
  • Use the weekend to lie in and get through that to-do list #CityJtips. Great first week at @cityjournalism.
  • #cityjtips double, triple and quadruple check you've pressed record. And then make sure you save the recording.
  • “We Google job applicants first, look at CVs second” a journalist tells us today. Take note, journalism students. #CityJTips #interhacktives
  • Handy newsroom glossary from Byline magazine #cityjtips