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A Graduate's Point of View

Graduating BSc Speech and Language Therapy student, Olivia Mante, reflects on her time at City, University of London and gives her top tips on how to make the most of your journey here.

I joined City in 2015 to study BSc Speech and Language Therapy. When I started the course at 23 technically I was a mature student, although I definitely did not feel like one. Having recently graduated from my first degree, there were some aspects of my course and university life that I adjusted to quickly e.g. using Moodle, my university email, accessing the library etc. But, there were definitely areas where I felt way out of my comfort zone.

Firstly, the structure of my course was completely different. I had a lot more time in lectures, but the biggest difference was the concept of going out on placement. This consisted of going out to different clinical settings and working with real clients. This was a huge adjustment, and at times a bit scary, so it was in these moments that I needed support. Fortunately, there is lots of support available at City, so I never felt like I was going through these challenges alone. I made sure I met with my personal tutor to discuss my placement and any other things there were going on outside of uni that may affect my studies. I also accessed the Academic Learning Support Service to brush up on my study technique. Looking back, everyone was so helpful I wish I had asked for help sooner.

The Careers service was also really valuable throughout my time at university. From finding part time work with Unitemps, to helping me with job applications at the end of my course, they have been a great source of help. They also have lots of online resources to help you, wherever you are in your career journey.

Although I am from London, I decided to live in Halls to be closer to campus during my first year. This was great as I was able to meet a few of my course mates before starting my course. For the remainder of my degree I decided to move back home to save money. This meant I now had to commute to lectures. As a commuter student, I quickly learned to make the most of my time and money whilst on campus. I always kept a "Keep Cup" or flask handy to save money when buying coffees on campus, and brought in my own lunches that I could heat up in the Microwave Room.

Another major perk of being a student are the discounts! I applied for a 16-25 railcard (which is available to mature students in full time education) and an 18+ discounted Oyster card. These really made a difference to the cost of travel when commuting to campus and to my placements. And of course I bought a TOTUM card and downloaded the Student Beans and Unidays apps to save some money when I wanted to treat myself.

Studying at City has been a great. Whether you are a mature student, postgraduate student or a first-timer, you’ll have the opportunity to have some brilliant experiences, all whilst studying in the heart of the City of London.