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A day in the life of an SLT student

Hello! My name is Michelle Oak and I am a student Speech and Language Therapist.

Last year one of my placements was in a private neurological rehabilitation ward in The Wellington Hospital, and what an experience it has was! This placement was focused mainly on dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) and tracheostomy in-patients, all whom had very complex needs, so obviously, before starting I was absolutely terrified! This was soon put at ease when meeting the amazing team! They were all so welcoming and accommodating, ensuring I got the most out of my time at the hospital and creating opportunities just for me to experience.

The day would usually start with a catch up with my educator, who would run through the day, give me an update on patients, and let me know of my responsibilities for the day. This was brilliant so I knew what to expect for the day. We would then start working through the patients, delivering therapy sessions, planning, report writing and writing up therapy notes, as well as doing a tracheostomy ward round. I was even fortunate enough to witness a Videoflouroscopy (X-ray of swallowing) and a Nasendoscopy (a camera down your nose to view your throat). The best part about it, was that every day was different. There were so many patients with a variety of strengths and complex needs, that I was able to learn so much about neurological conditions and the effect of these.

I am very thankful to have been offered an amazing opportunity, and be thrown completely into the deep end in my first placement. It is certainly important to apply all theoretical knowledge from lectures, and skills gained into placements, and you will always come out with more. The skills I have gained from all elements of this placement have equipped me for my next challenge!

Speech and Language Therapy at City, University of London is a perfect balance of study, placements and personal development.