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Starting University as a Commuter Student

Second year MSci Data Science student, Parnavi Kelkar, gives her take on what it was like starting university, as a commuter student.

During Welcome Week, when I first started my course at City, I was able to meet both current students and new students, at the induction events. One of the first course related events I attended was an introductory tutorial where we met fellow course-mates and lecturers and did fun team building activities. I met some of my current close friends during this tutorial!

Induction week is also where I found out about the services and societies at City. I joined many societies such as the Feminist society and Tech society at the Freshers Fair, where each society advertised its events. While I was applying for a Unitemps role, I was able to use the Careers Service for CV and cover letter checks as well as interview practice.

Being a commuter student during my first year had its challenges, as well as its perks. Having to commute every day meant that I had to plan my journey in advance and leave myself plenty of time to travel in case of any disruptions. The main challenge I faced was having to wake up very early for my morning lectures. Attending society events always required planning too, as I could not attend any last minute ones. However, as City has many commuter students, the societies kept this in mind and did not have many events that ran too late into the night. City, in general, is quite mindful of its commuter students and makes sure to advertise events in plenty of time, as well has having facilities on campus such as the lockers and the microwave room for us to use. Therefore, commuting to university every day was not too difficult

Although first year of university had its challenges such as becoming more independent and getting used to the university lifestyle, I also had a lot of fun by attending society events and making new friends.