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Become an Alumni Ambassador

The Alumni community consists of over 140,000  former students based all over the world. Wherever our alumni may be, we would like them to feel part of our alumni network, so we have introduced the Alumni Ambassadors Programme.

The programme identifies former students interested in developing new ways to engage with the global alumni communities and aims to turn the City, University of London community into a network that continues to benefit alumni throughout their lives.

Benefits of volunteering as an Alumni Ambassador

Becoming an Ambassador or a volunteer gives you the opportunity to:

  • give back to City and help enhance our profile worldwide
  • become involved in professional and academic networks which may benefit your career and enhance your development
  • broaden your social circle through contact with alumni who had similar experiences of studying abroad
  • gather new skills or experience in a particular field
  • reunite with old friends and classmates whilst working towards a shared goal
  • remain connected to City, University of London

The requirements of the Alumni Ambassador role

The Alumni Ambassadors are a group of committed individuals who provide the primary point of contact between City, University of London and its alumni for a given area, region, city, country or event interest. The role of an Alumni Ambassador includes, but is not limited to, the activities below. We understand, however, that not all activities will be achievable due to individual circumstances of the area you live in:

  • being the local point of contact for alumni, students and prospective students
  • support City by providing local information about educational trends, political and economic conditions when necessary as well as insights into your sector, job or application processes
  • to be actively networking and to advocate the City brand with pride in order to raise the profile of our Institution locally
  • develop contacts with fellow alumni and local businesses to support alumni activities
  • provide career insights, support alumni employment and career advancement locally
  • organising alumni networking gatherings with the help of the Alumni Relations Team and providing the team with a list of event attendees, as well as any other relevant data collected
  • when possible invite prospective candidates, identified by City’s Recruitment Team, to social events to help convert them into applicants and students
  • work with the Alumni Relations Office to develop communications with alumni in the region and to manage social media communication effectively
  • recruit further Alumni Ambassadors
  • when possible, attending student recruitment events together or in lieu of City’s Recruitment Team, if they take place in your area, in order to support the recruitment of prospective students
  • you will work with the City Alumni Team on alumni engagement in line with existing communication channels. New social media groups should only be set up in collaboration with the City Alumni Team
  • you will provide support for Careers related activities including providing advice and guidance on local employment and recruitment markets, identifying potential local opportunities for internships and paid work experience and introducing business contacts to the Careers Service for giving possible careers advice.
  • support the organisation of an annual 'send-off' party for new City students before they leave their home country
  • support the organisation of a 'welcome home' party for alumni returning to their home country or alumni who move to the area
  • where appropriate, support local fundraising initiatives including helping to identify local sources of philanthropic support for City led fundraising initiatives, helping to facilitate meetings with local sources of philanthropic income and providing guidance on local customs and practice
  • represent City in initial meetings with other third parties such as local academic institutions where a relationship with City might benefit both parties

Time commitment required for the role

  • The time commitment involved will vary depending on the number of alumni in your area and the extent to which you want to encourage local activity
  • We would expect you to take on the role with a strong allegiance to City and our alumni

Support from the Alumni Relations Team

    We understand the task of being a representative requires a special kind of commitment, taking valuable spare time. Regardless of the amount you can give and the local activities in demand, the Alumni Relations Team is on hand to support and assist. Our support could include, but won’t be limited to:
  • coordinating communications to all regional alumni on behalf of the ambassadors
  • setting up a dedicated LinkedIn group for alumni in your area or country, and inviting students and returning alumni to join
  • providing administrative support for events
  • providing appropriate funding, subject to an approved event proposal, in the support of local alumni events. This proposal will need to be approved by the Head of Alumni Relations

Alumni groups and committees

  • If there is more than one Alumni Ambassador in any one area/city/region, we encourage them to create an Alumni Ambassador Group to combine individual efforts. There is no limit to how many Alumni Ambassadors can belong to one group; we believe that the more representation, the better
  • Membership to the Alumni Group is free and open to all alumni who have successfully completed their course
  • The group can be informal or formal, the latter most often having an elected committee with roles such as President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer, for example. They might also have a constitution, although this is not always necessary dependent on laws of your country if you are required to register your group
  • Each Alumni Committee member should serve a minimum one-year term. The appointment will be reviewed on a yearly basis by the Group in conjunction with the Head of Alumni Services
  • The Alumni Ambassadors (plus group members and volunteers) should democratically elect the committee, in conjunction with the Head of Alumni Relations. The President, or similar, of the Alumni Ambassadors Group will then be the main contact for that region when dealing with the Alumni Relations Team in London
  • Each Alumni Committee should meet at least twice a year. At the beginning of each calendar year the Alumni Committee should prepare a plan of events for the year ahead and submit it to the Alumni Relations Team
  • If you and your fellow Ambassadors would like to create a group and need assistance on how to get started, please email us

Data Protection Agreement

    The purpose of the 1998 Data Protection Act is to protect the rights of the individual about whom data is obtained, stored, processed or supplied rather than those of the people or organisations who control and use personal data. The Act applies to both computerised and paper records.
  • All contact data for alumni will be treated confidentially and with sensitivity for the benefit of City, University of London and its members
  • Data will be made available to the Institution with the permission of individuals and used for a full range of alumni activities including the sending of City, University of London publications, the promotion of benefits and services available to alumni, notification of alumni events and of programmes involving academic and administrative departments. Data may also be used in fundraising programmes which might include an element of direct marketing
  • The data collected will not be passed on to any external organisations or published

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be an alumnus of City, University of London who has completed a course of study at undergraduate or postgraduate level
  • A brief biography, photograph*  and contact details will be featured on our webpages
  • City, University of London staff may also give your Alumni Ambassador contact details to alumni and prospective students on request
  • The role of Alumni Ambassador will normally be for two years with the possibility of renewal based on mutual agreement between the Alumni Ambassador and the Alumni Relations Team. If an Alumni Ambassador no longer wishes to represent City, University of London or doesn’t comply with the terms of the appointment, the role may be terminated
  • As the first point of contact for our alumni locally you will be expected to be responsive when contacted.
  • City Alumni Ambassadors are encouraged to work closely with Alumni Ambassadors of The City Law School, the School of Arts & Social Sciences, the School of Health Sciences and the School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering and Cass Business School to create positive relationships across the entire Alumni Network.
  • The logos of City, University of London, Cass Business School and The City Law School (which are registered trademarks), may only be used in connection with official City information and with the approval of the institution
  • All written or electronic communications sent personally by an Ambassador must include a disclaimer to indicate that the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of City, University of London or City, University of London Alumni Network
  • All contact data for local alumni must be held in accordance with City’s Data Protection Agreement and should be treated confidentially and with sensitivity for the benefit of City, University of London and its members. This data is available to you upon request and after receipt of a signed data protection agreement.

*Photo requirements:

    • High resolution photograph (min 400 X 600 pixels)
    • No other people to be visible in the photo, including the background of the image
    • Facing the camera
    • No hats or sunglasses
    • Preferably taken in a white background
    • No selfies
    • Portrait images only
    • Digital images only

Apply to become an Alumni Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in becoming an official contact of the City, University of London Alumni Network for your local area. Please email us should you wish to express your interest in becoming an ambassador and we will get in touch with you.