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Alumni ambassadors in Morocco

Rita BelghitiRita Belghiti

Lives in



LLB Law, 2016


The City Law School

About me

I was born and grew up in Morocco, where not enough people have access to education, especially women. I had the privilege of attending City and wish I could do more to motivate and challenge people to pursue education and equality. I am aware that only a minority of Moroccans do actually study abroad, and I would like to help change that because the experience brings so many opportunities.

I would be honoured to introduce the institution to Morocco, where quality education should be a priority as youngsters are the future of a promising developing country.  As an Alumni Ambassador, I am aiming to bring together prospective students and world-class education by promoting diversity, international influence, mobility and the positive impact of multiculturalism.

Contact me


LinkedIn: Rita Belghiti