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Questions & answers

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about City’s accommodation. If you have enquiries that are not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact the Accommodation Team.

About applying for Halls

How can I apply for Halls?

All accommodation applications are handled online, but the process can vary slightly depending on the year of study you will be entering.

If you will be a first year undergraduate, please refer to the Apply for Halls page for full details on how to apply.

If you will be a continuing undergraduate (i.e. second or third year), please see the Continuing Undergraduate page for details.

What is the Guarantee Scheme? How can I find out if I am eligible?

City University London operates a Guarantee Scheme for first year undergraduates. This Scheme could guarantee you a place in one of City's affiliated Halls if you meet the Scheme's criteria.

Visit the Guarantee Scheme page to find out whether you are eligible.

Can I see the rooms before applying?

A tour of one of the halls of residence is often included as part of a University Open Day or Offer Holder Day. If you would like to go at another time, this may be possible if you ask the Accommodation Team in advance to arrange this for you.

Please email them at with the following information:

  • Your full name and UCAS ID.
  • Which Halls you would like to see.
  • What day/approximate time you would like to attend.
  • How many people will be coming on the tour.

I have a medical condition or disability which affects my accommodation requirement - what do I do?

There is a section in the form which you will need to complete regarding this, so that we are aware you may have different requirements.

You will also need to email our Learning Success team with more information about your condition so that a Disability Co-ordinator can look into this.

We will treat with confidentiality any information you provide; however, please confirm if you consent to share the information so that we can discuss your needs with our relevant partners, such as Hall Managers, if necessary.

I am a Care Leaver. Can the University offer me any support?

Yes, the University offers a wide range of support to help Care Leavers through their studies and a dedicated Widening Participation Team on hand to help.

Care Leavers can also receive priority for City’s Halls of Residence. However, the Accommodation Team will need to know that you are a Care Leaver in order to prioritise your application. If you have not indicated this on your application form, please contact the Accommodation Team as soon as possible.

I will be under 18 years old at the start of the academic year. Am I eligible for Halls?

If you are going to be below the age of 18 at the time when the accommodation contracts start for the halls of residence then you will not be covered by the University's Guarantee Scheme.

However, you are still entitled to make an application for accommodation and we have arrangements with our undergraduate housing providers to provide a limited number of rooms to students under the age of 18 on a case-by-case basis.

If this restriction is going to apply to you then please contact the Accommodation Team for further advice at the time of submitting your application for accommodation to the University.

Is there any accommodation for couples or families?

There is no accommodation for couples or families at City University - all rooms are for single occupancy only.

There are some private student housing providers who provide accommodation in London for couples and families. These have not been viewed or formally approved by City University London and you would need to contact these housing providers directly for more information. Our extensive online guide to private accommodation can help you get started with your search.

Can I book short term accommodation?

Yes, minimum 4 weeks contracts available.

I don’t study at City, can I book a room at one of the halls of residence?

Yes, please email us with your requirements, proof of study will be required.

About living in Halls

Do you have any advice about moving in?

Yes, we have a Moving In guide to give you advice on the moving in process, what to bring with you, and also about settling in once you’ve arrived.

Where can I find out more about living in the Halls?

Please see the Currently in Halls guide for information on topics including flat inspections and cleaning, maintenance, complaints, and so on.

Are there any car parking or bike storage facilities?

All of the Halls of Residence have designated bicycle storage facilities, which are provided free of charge. There are also secure bike storage facilities and helmet lockers available at the University's main campus in Northampton Square; please see the Environmental Team’s Green Travel Guide for information on how to access this.

There are no car parking facilities at the University or at any of the Halls of Residence. You are advised not to bring a car unless it is absolutely necessary. The local authority administers an on-street parking scheme; applications for a permit should be made directly to:

Parking Services,
Islington Council,
London, N1 1YE
T: +44 (0)20 7527 1414