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Clearing accommodation

Are you coming through City through Clearing and looking for a place to stay? Read about the options available to you, including halls of residence and accommodation in the private sector.

Thank you for considering City, University of London as a place to study this coming 2017/18 academic year. With Welcome Week coming up, you should be carefully considering where you will live after receiving your offer of place. The following links will help you to balance your preferences with the location, availability of cost of student accommodation in London.

At this time of year it is not possible to guarantee accommodation in City's nominated Halls of Residence but we have joined with the University of London Housing Service (ULHS) so that you have access to Private Housing Advisors, a large property database, private housing guide and legal housing advice including contract-checking.

What Halls can I apply for through City, University of London?

City, University of London has four Halls of Residence available for first year undergraduates: Liberty Court, Liberty Hall, East Central House and The Garden Halls.

Will I get my first preference of Hall?

If you have listed Hall preferences on your application we will take this into consideration. However, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your first choice of accommodation.

How likely is it that I will get a room in City’s Halls?

You are not guaranteed a place in City’s Halls because you are not covered by the Guarantee Scheme. At this time of year it is also unlikely that we would be able to offer you a room before the start of the academic year.

You can still put in an application but we would strongly recommend that you also look into other options, like private accommodation (e.g. flat shares, homestays, or private Halls of Residence).

We do get vacancies coming up in the residences throughout the year, so if you submit an application to us now but have somewhere that you can stay temporarily for a few weeks, then it is possible we may be able to offer you a room in one of the residences at some point during the first term. In this context you should consider the length of any initial contract you agree to if you are renting in the private sector.

If I put in an application now, when will I hear about the outcome?

We are currently allocating rooms to students who have applied for accommodation earlier in the year. Once we have done this we will consider applicants who have been made an offer via Clearing. The earliest we would expect to be able to let you know is early to mid-September.

We will allocate rooms in a strict priority order to ensure fairness to all applicants.

How will you contact me?

We will email you using the email address on your Clearing application. Please make sure that you allow emails from to go to your inbox, otherwise our correspondence might go to your junk or spam folder!

I have a medical condition/I am a care leaver/ I will be under 18 when I start my course. Will this make me more likely to be given accommodation?

If you have a medical condition, if you are a Care Leaver, or if you will be under 18 when you start your course, we can take this into consideration when allocating rooms but please be aware that you are still not guaranteed accommodation through City.

If you have a medical condition you will need to provide medical evidence of this so that our Disability Co-ordinators in the Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD) team can assess the best options for you. You can email this evidence to us at and you must give permission for us to share this with the Disability Co-ordinators.

I submitted an accommodation application after the A Level results came out and haven’t heard back, why?

We have received a very high volume of applications since the examination results were released, as well as an increase in telephone and email enquiries. Once your application has been processed we will send you an email to confirm that we have received it.

You do not need to send more than one application. We appreciate your patience at this busy time of year.

Should I look at private sector accommodation?

Yes, we would recommend that you also look into private sector accommodation.

Please visit our Private Accomodation webpage for more information including the ULHS Private Housing Guide.

Contact the ULHS Private Housing Advisors on +44 (0)20 7862 8880 for further information and on how to look for housing in London, or email them at (their offices are open from 10am-5pm Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri and 11am-5pm on Tues).

For more information on Private housing please also go to ULHS webpages, which also include information on short-term housing and City Students also have an opportunity to apply for ULHS Intercollegiate halls of residence on 2nd September only.

Why are you not guaranteeing me accommodation?

Making an offer of a place through Clearing or UCAS is an independent process to applying for student accommodation. Our first priority is to ensure you are academically qualified to undertake a programme of study and that you understand the benefits of a City, University of London education.

The two processes are not linked as we draw a large number of students from the greater London area and so we do not make assumptions about who would require accommodation. Our central London location also allows students choice of where they want to live during term time.