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Apply for halls

All applications for a place in Halls of Residence associated with City, University of London are made online.

Please note due to UCAS regulations we are unable to send any accommodation applications between 27th July - 14th August.

Applications will be sent automatically from the 15th August.

As a first year undergraduate, you will get the chance to apply for accommodation once you have received an offer for a full time course at City, University of London and have firmly accepted this offer. You will be sent an email with a link to the application form. If you do not receive the email link after accepting your course offer please email us.

Please read this page carefully to help you with your application. If you have any questions, please contact the Accommodation Team at

Clearing applicants

Unfortunately, accommodation in Clearing is not guaranteed. Once you receive an offer and submit yourself to City through UCAS Track, the admissions team will process your application (please note this is not an automated process). Once this happens, you will be emailed the Clearing accommodation application form to be added to the Waiting List.

The accommodation team will contact the students on the waiting list once accommodation has been offered to students who applied to City in the main cycle.

Continuing undergraduates

If you are a second or third year undergraduate, you are classed as a continuing undergraduate student. you will not be eligible to apply for any first year halls. Please refer to the Continuing Undergraduates page for more details about the accommodation you will be eligible for. If you stayed in halls whilst studying a foundation course you will be classed as a 'continuing student' during your 1st year undergraduate course.

Foundation students

If you are planning on studying a foundation course at City, University of London, you can either choose to stay in one our halls of residence during the foundation year or when you enrol on full-time undergraduate programme. If you choose to stay in halls during your foundation year, you will not be eligible for halls during your undergraduate study.

If you are studying a foundation course with Kaplan or INTO City, unfortunately you would not be eligible yet for City's Halls of Residence. However if you progress to a full time undergraduate degree at City, you can then apply for accommodation.

If you are studying a foundation course with another partner institution and wish to apply for accommodation, please contact the Accommodation Team at so that we can advise you further.

More information

Who is eligible?

Halls of residence accommodation is for full-time City students, aged 18 years or over. Romano Court, Cross Court House, East Central House, Arbour House and Gardens Hall are available to first year undergraduates only.

Students under 18 years of age can be housed in any undergraduate hall except the Gardens. However certain criteria apply and Hall Management will review each student on a case-by-case basis. Please be aware that availability for students under 18 is limited in each of these Halls.

Continuing undergraduates (i.e. second and third year undergraduate students) can apply for a room at Alliance House. If you are a continuing undergraduate, please see our Continuing Undergraduates page for more information about your options and for links to useful resources.

What is the deadline date for applications?

The deadline for first year undergraduates who are otherwise covered by the Guarantee Scheme is 30th June 2020.

Applications received after this date will be placed on a waiting list and will be reviewed in late August to early September after all guaranteed students are housed. Please note that we cannot guarantee accommodation to late applicants, including students who apply through Clearing.

If you are not covered by the Guarantee Scheme, you may wish to explore private sector alternatives as well. City has joined with the University of London Housing Services and you now have access to the ULHS Private Housing Database for private accommodation searches and a message board system. You can use the message board to contact other students and also to look for flatmates. You will need your Student number and email address to access this database.

You also have access to ULHS Private Housing Advisors - Please see our information on Private Accommodation.

To contact the University of London Housing Services (ULHS) directly please use the links below:

What is the Guarantee Scheme?

City, University of London operates a Guarantee Scheme for first year undergraduates. This Scheme could guarantee you a place in one of City's affiliated Halls if you meet the Scheme's criteria. Please refer to the Guarantee Scheme page to find out whether you are eligible.

Can I state a preference for a particular Hall?

Yes, you will need to list your preferences on the application form. Please note that stating a preference for a particular hall does not guarantee that this is the hall that you will be offered, but we do aim to give you your first choice of accommodation where possible.

I am unable to add friends or family members onto my application?

You will not be able to add friends to the online form. If you have a friend or family who will also be applying to City and you wish to be placed in the same hall or flat, please both email us directly at with the following information:

  • your full name
  • whether you are to be an undergraduate or postgraduate
  • the course you will be taking at City
  • the full names and courses of the students you wish to share with.
We will do our best to place you together, but please note that this is not guaranteed.

I have a medical condition or disability which affects my accommodation requirement - what do I do?

There is a section in the form which you will need to complete regarding this, so that we are aware you may have different requirements.

You will also need to email our Learning Success team with more information about your condition so that a Disability Co-ordinator can look into this. We will treat with confidentiality any information you provide; however, please confirm if you consent to share the information so that we can discuss your needs with our relevant partners, such as Hall Managers, if necessary.

What if I cannot access the online form?

If you experience any technical problems with the online form, please email the Accommodation Team at so that they can send you a paper form instead.