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Find your accommodation

Whether you are looking for accommodation for the next academic year, need a new flatmate, finding a local hotel for a relative to stay in while they visit you or you just need somewhere to stay for a night, this page is for you.

Please read the ULHS Private Housing Guide and then if you need further information on how to look for housing in London, contact the ULHS Private Housing Advisors on +44 (0)20 7862 8880 or email them at (their offices are open from 10am-5pm Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri and 11am-5pm on Tues).

Housing Database

ULHS Housing Database

City Students have full access to the ULHS Housing Database. Every year, around the first week of May, the ULHS team update the database with new landlords and properties, to coincide with their Housing Fair on the same day. To access this database, you will need to register to use it using your City ID number and your email address. We send over the ID numbers regularly to the ULHS team so that they can upload them into their system. Once you have access, you can look on the database for available housing and leave messages for other students on the Message board.

For landlords and housing providers

If you are a private landlord or a housing provider who would like to advertise properties on the ULHS Housing Database please contact the ULHS team directly on +44 (0)20 7862 8880 or

Please note that we discontinued using our old database StudentPad on 31st August 2016 due to our joining with the University of London.

Student Homes

This is a new scheme run by ULHS and City and we have secured two properties within a short walk to City. These properties have been vetted by ULHS staff and available to be let to groups of continuing City students. More information is available on the ULHS Student Homes website. We hope that this scheme will prove successful and City will acquire more properties in future years.

Short Term Housing

ULHS has short term housing available, please view the ULHS Short Term Housing webpage for more information.

There are many Hotels and Hostels located all around City. We just list a few of them, however you can use search engines to find cheaper rates.

In an emergency or if you find yourself homeless, Shelter has some good advice about what to do.

Other Shared Property Databases/Intercollegiate Halls

There are many independent websites which can help you find flatmates and shared houses. ULHS has a few listed here but as we have linked our Private Housing information, we will not be advertising these on our website.