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Alliance House


Alliance House is offered exclusively to City, University of London students by social landlord Sanctuary Students. Students who are offered accommodation at Alliance House will sign an agreement with Sanctuary Students and not with City, University of London, and will therefore be bound by Sanctuary Students' terms and conditions of residence.

Main features

  • Alliance House offers 191 single study 10 m2 bedrooms with en-suite shower, wash basin and toilet. These rooms are arranged in cluster flats of five to eight single rooms with a shared kitchen.
  • In addition, Alliance House offers 18 single 10 m2 rooms arranged in two and three bedroom flats with shared bathroom and kitchen, which are a great option for groups of friends who prefer 'apartment' style living.
  • There are also 4 self-contained one bedroom flats.
  • Every study bedroom has telephone, data and television aerial points. Telephone service is provided by Keycom.
  • There is a common room available to all residents with television and DVD player, a quiet sitting room and bicycle storage.
  • Located in the residential area of Newington Green, approximately 30 minutes' travel on public transport from City, University of London's main building at Northampton Square.

In addition, all halls have the following features:

  • Self-catered
  • Non-smoking
  • On-site management and staffed reception during business hours
  • 24-hour CCTV in operation and security guard on duty out of hours
  • Free 12 mb/s Wifi
  • Coin-operated laundry facilities.
  • Bicycle storage

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Prices for 2018/19

Room TypeContract StartContract EndPrice per WeekTotal PriceDeposit
En Suite09 September 2018 23 June 2019 (41 weeks)

01 September 2019 (51 weeks)
£168.13£6,893.33 (41 weeks)

£8,574.63 (51 weeks)
Shared Cluster Flat*09 September 201801 September 2019£168.13£8,574.63£400 
One Bedroom Flat09 September 201801 September 2019£245.24£12,507.24£400 

Prices for 2017/18

Room TypeContract StartContract EndPrice per WeekTotal PriceDeposit
En Suite17 September 2017 (41 weeks)

10 September 2017 (51 weeks)
01 July 2018 (41 weeks)

02 September 2018 (51 weeks)
£160.06£6,562.46 (41 weeks)

£8,163.06 (51 weeks)
£400 (£325 reservation fee credited
towards the first instalment + £75 non-refundable admin fee).
Shared Cluster Flat*10 September 201702 September 2018£160.06£8,163.06£400 (£325 reservation fee credited
towards the first instalment + £75 non-refundable admin fee).
One Bedroom Flat10 September 201702 September 2018£234.27£11,947.77£400 (£325 reservation fee credited
towards the first instalment + £75 non-refundable admin fee).

*Shared Cluster Flat - shared kitchen and bathroom between 2, 3 & 4 students. All rooms are for single occupancy.

If you need to arrive before the start date of the contract, you can arrange a direct let stay with Alliance House. Please follow this link to their website for further information. Please check their terms and conditions before booking, and speak directly with Alliance House if you have any questions specifically about an early arrival.

What is included in the cost of the rent?

  • Utility bills (water, electricity, heating)
  • Internet access provided by Keycom
  • Contents insurance provided by Cover4Students

What is not included?

  • Telephone bill
  • TV licence (please see the TV Licensing website for information on if you need a license and how to obtain one)
  • Bedding (sheets, pillow, duvet etc.)
  • Cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery in kitchens

All Halls of Residence are self-catered, therefore students are responsible for their own food.

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Alliance House is located in a quiet courtyard just off Newington Green in North London, an area which has a variety of local shops, cafes and bars and a pleasant community atmosphere.

Many residents in Alliance House use one of the regular bus services to get to and from City and benefit from the discounted 18+ Oyster card available to eligible students.

Other students choose to cycle. The Hall offers free secure bike storage. Please also see the City’s Cycling and Green Travel page for details on the free secure bike storage and cycling support on offer to students at City, University of London.

Nearest stations: Newington Green (bus), Canonbury (Overground)

Approximate distance from City, University of London's main buildings: 30 minutes (including travel on public transport)

For international student’s information on how to get to the City, University of London from major London airports please click here.

Maps on where the halls are relative to City, University of London can be found here.

London public transport uses a top up card system called an ‘Oyster Card’, these can be purchased at most stations, for more information please refer to the TFL’s website.

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Frequently asked questions

Instalment Related

What are the rent instalment dates?


1st Instalment: 24th August 2018 (If you make a booking after this date the 1st instalment is payable at the time of booking along with the £400 reservation fee)

2nd Instalment: 8th January 2019

3rd Instalment: 2nd April 2019

How many instalments is the rent paid?

Rent can be paid in one or three instalments

Can I pay in instalments if I'm an international student?

Yes, three instalments is the maximum

How much do I need to pay for each instalment?


2018/19 1st instalment 2nd instalment 3rd instalment
Contract length 41 weeks 51 weeks 41 weeks 51 weeks 41 weeks 51 weeks
Standard En-Suite £3,026.34 £3,026.34 £2,185.69 £2,858.21 £1,681.30 £2,690.08
Standard Shared - £3,026.34 - £2,858.21 - £2,690.08
One Bedroom Flat - £4,414.32 - £4,169.08 - £3,923.84

Do you need an UK Guarantor to pay instalments?

No, a guarantor is not required.


What do I need to pay to reserve my room?

Applications for accommodation are received and processed by the City, University of London Student Centre. Once your application is successful with City, University of London, you will be nominated to Sanctuary Students’ Accommodation Office, who will then email you with further detials on how to complete your room reservation. Please ensure you have £400 to reserve your room or the 1st instalment of rent if you are booking on or after the 24th August 2018. We also advise you read the Sanctuary Students’ Accommodation cancelltion policy before you make any financial committments.

How can I pay for my rent?

Rent can be paid using the following methods:

  • Most credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.) for online, telephone and in-person payments
  • GBP banker's drafts (must be issued by bank with a branch or institutional partner in the UK)
  • GBP travellers' cheques (for in person payments only)
  • Unfortunately, you cannot pay using American Express credit cards, personal cheques or cash.
  • At the time of confirming your booking, a booking fee payment is required. When you make this payment a recurring card payment is set up for the remaining instalments on the same card you use to pay the booking fee.

Can I pay via bank transfer?

Yes, please ask the reception for details once your hall booking has been confirmed or email the Accommodation Office at who will be happy to send the bank details to you.

Are there charges for paying by credit card?


I can't pay my 1st instalment as I'm waiting for my student loan to be confirmed, can I still move into my room?

You will be given the option to make a reduced payment, by providing the Accommodation Office or the Student residence proof of your student loan, either in person at the hall reception or via email to Then the remainder of the 1st instalment to be made when your student loan is paid to you.

Is there a discount if I pay for my accommodation in full?

Unfortunately, there is no discount for paying for your accommodation in full.

I'm getting external funding to pay for my accommodation, can I defer my first rent instalment to a later date?

All students are required to pay a £400 booking fee to secure their room booking. At the start of the year, the first instalment of rent is not due until the end of September which should allow time for your loan/funding to be paid into your account. If you think that your funding will arrive after this, please speak with the reception team at Alliance House and provide us with a copy of your funding payment schedule. We will then assess your situation and make changes to your rent instalment schedule if necessary.

Can I extend my stay after my contract has ended?

No, however, depending on availability, Sanctuary Students offer student extensions if you have booked for 41 weeks.


Can I cancel my room reservation before my contract starts?

You can up to and including 45 days before the start of your tenancy – Can cancel at any time during this period, will receive a full refund of £400 advanced rent payment. During the last 45 days before the start of your tenancy – you will only be able to cancel this agreement if a suitable and eligible replacement tenant is found and you have informed our Accommodation Office by calling 020 7841 0480 or emailing

Can I cancel my contract after I have moved in to the room?

Please see the staff at the Front Desk to advise of your departure. The Sanctuary Accommodation Support Team will advise City of your departure plans and efforts will be made to find a suitable replacement to take over your contract. Please remember that you will also need to complete City’s departure form too- this is available from the Student Centre.

Be aware that you will still be financially liable for the room until a suitable replacement has been found.

Can I cancel my contract if I withdraw from my course?

If the student withdraws from their course at university or City University and the management at Alliance House mutually authorise an early termination, the student only remains liable for 28 days. After 1st April, the student is liable until the end of the licence, or until replaced.

How long before I receive a refund of rent if another student takes over my contract?

Refunds are processed within 28 days of the termination of your contract.

Housing Related

Can I have guests stay over in my room?

One overnight guest is allowed at a time and can stay up to three nights in any seven nights.

If I don't like the room I have been assigned to can I move to another room?

There is a charge for room moves however this is subject to availability. Once you are allocated a room it is unlikely for it to be changed unless student has a genuine medical issue.

Is there any additional items I need to bring to the hall?

Bedding and kitchen packs can be sold to students on site however you must email 4 weeks prior to arriving to arrange the items to be ordered. Kettles, toasters, irons are not provided.

What will happen if get into financial difficulty and cannot pay my rent?

Student need to contact site immediately to discuss issues and provide any supporting evidence. Each case will be looked at on an individual basis and if we deem the situation to be legitimate we will aid students in the best possible way. This may include a steady payment plan.

Can I bring a TV with me?

You can bring a television with you, however it is your responsibility to make sure you have paid for a TV license.

Can I arrive before my contract start date?

Yes, in some circumstances depending on availability. Refer to the hall directly for daily charges.

What if I am unhappy with my room, can I change?


What if I want to extend my stay?

Yes, only if student is on 41 weeks contract, at same weekly rent..

Is there a cleaning service available?


What are the laundry charges?

The costs are £3.00 per wash and £1.20 per dry.

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy- Please refer to section 4 in the Terms & Conditions

Additional & Damage Costs

Please note all information was current as of the 31 March 2017.