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Flat inspection and cleaning

Room and flat inspections

The main purpose of flat and room inspections is to ensure that an acceptable level of cleanliness is maintained. This is important not just to maintain a pleasant living and study environment for you and your neighbours, but also an important measure to keep pests away. In addition, the room and flat inspections are an opportunity for the hall to identify maintenance issues and faults so that they can be rectified.

The information provided below is a general guide on how room/flat inspections are conducted. For more detailed information please refer to the individual residence guide provided when you moved into your accommodation or enquire with the hall staff at your residence.

What is being inspected?

Primarily, it is the cleanliness of the flat that is inspected. Some of the common points the inspector will look at include:

1. Kitchen

  • Clean and clear surfaces
  • Cooker
  • Microwave
  • Fridge
  • Clean floor
  • Empty bin

2. Bathroom

  • Toilet and shower/bath
  • Surfaces clean
  • Clean floor

3. Corridor

  • Clear of obstructions
  • Vacuumed/clean floor

There will also be an inspection of any damages and maintenance issues in the flat. These of course can be reported throughout your lease to halls management - you don't have to wait for a room inspection.

What happens if the flat/room fails inspection?

If a flat or room fails inspection, the hall management will inform the resident(s) which areas still need improvement in order to pass the inspection. The students are generally given a specified deadline to attend to highlighted issues before the flat it is checked again.

Persistent failure to clean the flat will result in a flat meeting with the halls management and in some cases incur extra charges for the residents if external cleaning companies have to be brought in to clean. If the flat is communal, the charge will split between the residents and deducted from their deposits. Similarly, if the student is residing in a self-contained flat or studio, they will solely bear any costs.

Who is responsible for cleaning?

In communal areas within a flat, all residents are expected to take a role in cleaning. A suggestion would be to set up a weekly cleaning rota, so the cleaning is distributed fairly. For a self-contained flat or studio, the resident in the room is solely responsible for the cleaning.

What if my flatmates do not participate in maintaining a good standard of cleanliness in the flat?

In the first instance, try to resolve the issue within the flat. Agree a weekly cleaning rota, and stick to it. If flatmates do not maintain this standard of cleanliness, arrange a flat meeting. If the cleanliness does not improve, then make arrangements with the hall management to record a meeting.