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About City

The WOW! Awards

Here at City, University of London we value exceptional service, both externally to our students and stakeholders, and internally across departments and Schools, working together to consistently provide a positive and rewarding experience. We participate in The WOW! Awards to offer a platform for you to say thank you to our staff who went the extra mile to help you and gave you the WOW! factor.

Make a nomination today!

Anyone can make a nomination to one of our staff members as long as they meet our four criteria:

  1. The nomination has to be about something that makes people go "WOW!" because it is an example of great customer service
  2. The nomination needs to be about something that happened recently, not something which took place a long time ago
  3. It must be about a genuine customer service experience - something that has happened to you personally and which has impressed you
  4. You cannot nominate a staff member for an award if you have personal involvement with them (i.e. if they are a member of your family, a close personal friend or work in the same direct team as you, for instance)

If you would like to nomination a member of staff for a WOW! Award, please fill out the nomination form below:

View recent nominations.

WOW! certificate of excellence winners September 2019

Finance Atif Patel
Learning Enhancement and Development Yati Abd Razak
Library Services Antonella Yarnold
Student and Academic Services Abimbola Olabode
Christopher Stone
Vicky Li

Spotlight of the month

Congratulations to all our WOW! Award winners last month. Each month The WOW! Awards team select a spotlight nomination from these winners across the whole of City. For September, the spotlight winner is Atif Patel from Finance.

Atif! WOW! What human being! My lifelong dream of becoming a barrister was nearly vanished in a heartbeat! However, this young man went ABOVE and BEYOND to, not only, ensure that I got my funds but listened with great care and empathy. I've never encountered a human being, aside from myself, to put the care of others before themselves! Let that be testament to this incredible person. By way of background, my mother has  CLL (leukaemia lymphoma) a terminal cancer attacking her lymph-nodes and body. The university were requesting the additional £1047.00  payment left for my fees, I was battling with my parents (who needed to pay for my mother private health care) for the money so I could start my payment plan, but this was increasingly difficult and caused a lot of arguments. I told Atif about my struggles, he remained completely professional throughout, but suggested I contacted Lendwise to increase the loan. I informed him that I did that at the start but they were unable to help. Atif said: "I'll speak to them for you because I have a relationship with them".

He advised that he'll give them a call, which he did within minutes of speaking to me because Lendwise told me that the university was on the phone. Do you know? At that moment I cried. I was so taken aback that someone would do something so kind for me, above his job role! (he didn't need to ask anyone for anything). He could have simply advised me to contact them myself to find out about the money. However, Atif listened to my worth's and struggles helping me find a solution. For that Atif, I'm personally grateful! Thank you so much! As Martin Luther King Jr once said: “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve".

What are The WOW! Awards?

The WOW! Awards is the UK's only national award scheme which relies purely on nominations when recognising good service provided by an individual. This unique and exciting award programme really helps organisations to give even better service by "catching people doing things right".

When you want to say "thank you", The WOW! Awards provides a quick and easy way for you to compliment great service, and we'll make sure your nominee sees your feedback and knows what a star they are.

Each nomination is special to that individual and they truly value you taking the time to show your appreciation.

Who is participating?

City, University of London has teamed up with The WOW! Awards to enable customers to recognise and reward great service when they receive it from the staff working in the following City departments:

  • Development and Alumni Relations
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • International Office
  • International Partnerships and Development
  • Learning Enhancement and Development
  • Library Services
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Property and Facilities
  • Research and Enterprise
  • Sodexo
  • Strategic Planning and Performance
  • Student and Academic Services

Cass Business School, School of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Health Sciences and The City Law School have also teamed up with The WOW! Awards. If you would like to nominate a member of staff from these Schools, please click the link to be redirected to their nomination page.

However it’s not just City who participate in this scheme. The WOW! Awards work across over 50 organisations in the UK, USA, Australia and more recently, Bermuda. These organisations span across many sectors: education, property management, housing associations, utilities and the NHS being just a few.