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liveLive positive, be positive

In these challenging times, developing your personal resilience can help you improve your performance and succeed with your chosen learning or work goals. Here are some ways of improving your resilience.

Get Fit

Improve your energy levels by getting active. The Campus activity programme offers a large number of classes to make it easy to stay in shape as well as network with fellow colleagues. The staff-only Mind and Body classes are particularly popular with staff.

capoeiraStay Healthy

The Staff Occupational Health Service offers advice on all aspect of work related health problems.

Visit our Developing Resilience webpages to find out more about resilience.

The Well campaign runs regular wellbeing days for staff to meet a range of health care professionals and find out about how to improve mind and body.

Get Help

Don't bottle it up. If you are struggling, talk to someone- friends, family or a healthcare professional.

City offers a confidential Staff Counselling Service to support staff with personal or workplace challenges

The Benevolent Fund is able to offer staff who find them in financial difficulty.Aerobics


The Chaplaincy Service welcomes people from all faiths and also those who don't have a faith.

Go Green

Thinking about the others and the environment can be good for your mental health.

With bike sheds and on-campus showers available as part of our Green Travel Plan, it makes sense to choose the eco option to get to and from campus. Staff can also volunteer their time to become environmental champions as part of The Point campaign.