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UNISON is the UK's largest public service union, with over 1.3 million members, representing workers across Higher Education, Health, Local Government, and non-profit sectors. UNISON is one of the three recognised trade unions for staff at City, University of London.

At City, UNISON represents professional services and clerical staff as well as manual and ancillary staff. City’s UNISON Branch Committee is made up of volunteers who are staff members at City, who offer support to UNISON members such as employment-related advice, representation and negotiation within City's management on your behalf. UNISON at City also organises occasional open staff meetings for members giving the opportunity to network with colleagues from across the institution.

Join UNISON and you'll be entitled to all of the support services that the national trade union provides, as well as personal advice and assistance from the UNISON Branch Committee here at City. Membership of the union can be paid either by Direct Debit or deduction from your monthly paycheck, and the monthly fee is graded according to your salary. You can join UNISON online at www.joinunison.org or ask for a physical application form from a member of the Branch Committee. Please contact the local branch at unison@city.ac.uk to let us know that you are a member, so we can keep in touch.

Find out more about UNISON UK.