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We are located in the heart of London and have close links with the City of London which give us, by association, a precious thousand-year history and heritage. As a leading global city London can boast strengths in areas such as business, finance, arts, commerce and healthcare and is home to a diverse range of people, cultures and religions. As a cosmopolitan city it is possible to experience a wide range of international shops and restaurants that provide a home away from home for London's many visitors.

London is one of the most visited cities by tourists who come to experience London's history and visit the many landmarks and tourist attractions. It is home to world heritage sites such as the Tower of London and Kew Gardens and tourist attractions such as Shakespeare's Globe, the British Museum, the National Gallery and various museums. All in all London boasts over 100 cinemas, 50 theatres, 200 festival and 200 museums that cater for all tastes and interests. More information on the range of attractions London has to offer can be found on the Time Out and Visit London websites.

Those looking to indulge in shopping will find a whole host of facilities to meet their needs. London is world famous for shopping areas such as Oxford Street, Regent Street and Covent Garden as well as landmark stores such as Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

Sports enthusiasts are equally well catered for through a multitude of sporting clubs and organisations that allow people to participate in a range of sporting activities. If Spectator Sports are more your thing London gives plenty of opportunities for you to watch sports such as football, rugby, cricket and tennis at world-renowned venues such as Wembley Stadium, Twickenham, Lords and Wimbledon.