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About City

Equal Opportunities

City, University of London is committed to creating a culture in which diversity and equality of opportunity are promoted actively and in which unlawful discrimination is not tolerated. City is also committed to building and maintaining an environment which values the diversity of its students, employees and all its community.

In order to monitor the operation of our recruitment process we collect information from all job applicants and employees on the key characteristics which relate to equal opportunity in employment. The aim is to ensure that no direct or indirect discrimination occurs on the grounds of gender, colour, race, age, marital status or disability.

The University recently implemented a revised Equality, Diversity and inclusion Policy, which aims to make the best use of University resources by ensuring an integrated action for equality and diversity and demonstrate how our commitment to promote equality and diversity is linked to the business of the University and strategic vision and goals.

To ensure that equality and diversity is delivered to all stakeholders, the University is establishing a system through which University functions and policies include an equality impact assessment report. To assist Schools and Professional Services in assessing the impact of their policies, procedures and practices, Step-by-Step Equality Impact Assessment Guidance has been developed.