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Students walking outside Northampton Square

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Students walking outside Northampton Square


  • Interior of engineering laboratory featuring study area
    Exceptionally well-equipped civil engineering materials testing laboratory; a focus for construction materials and geotechnical engineering research.
  • Interior inside a Airbus A320 flight simulator
    The Airbus A320 flight deck simulator provides a facility to undertake a variety of research programmes in areas such as avionics, flight control systems, and human factors.
  • Male student in flight simulator as other student holds it open
    City's Merlin MP520 simulator is fitted with a two-axis motion system and closed cockpit design for greater immersion and is used in the theory and study of aerodynamics and the mechanics of flight.
  • Engineering labs showing city formula racing car
    Each year mechanical engineering students use this workshop to design and build a racing car which is entered in the international Formula Student Competition at Silverstone.
  • Man lying down in laboratory with wires attached to his head.
    The Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering laboratory is a highly specialised facility that is aimed at the development of cutting edge sensing and diagnostic as well as rehabilitation devices.
  • Interior of Finkelstein laboratory computer room
    The Finkelstein Laboratory offers in-depth education in state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment as well as CAD software for undergraduate students of all levels.
  • Female observer behind a one-way mirror looking at a computer screen
    A fully equipped, professional user testing facility capable of evaluating anything from websites and mobile apps to smart TVs and consumer products.
  • Groups of students seated at tables in Ada Lovelace room
    Newly opened study and collaborative space for students and staff.
  • Interior of KeySight laboratory
    The Keysight Laboratory gives students access to advanced signal analysers, circuit fabrication facilities and high power equipment.
  • Three students inside engineering centrifuge
    The centrepiece of the Civil Engineering Laboratory accommodates a large flexible lab space and apparatus for physical modelling of complex geotechnical problems at reduced scale and high g-force.
  • Interior of engineering labs featuring the wind tunnels
    2 subsonic wind tunnels, equipped with advanced laser-based velocity measurement systems and a six-component force balance for complete characterisation of the aerodynamic loads on wind-tunnel models.
  • Students conducting experiments near the gastor wind-tunnel
    This is a one-of-a-kind low-turbulence wind tunnel used for the study of laminar flows. Part of the National Wind Tunnel Facility.
  • Academic and postgraduate student beside supersonic wind tunnel
    The supersonic wind tunnel is part of the National Wind Tunnel Facility and is equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment including advanced laser-based velocity measurement systems.
  • Student conducting experiments in micro gas turbines
    Modern test rig for the characterisation of micro gas turbines for electrical power output below 15kW including mapping of compressor and turbine characteristics.
  • Students attending a class in a computer room
    Computer labs are installed with a wide selection of industry-standard software to enable mathematics, engineering, and computer science students to complete their modules.
  • Postgraduate students using 3d software
    Many of the industry-standard software and applications are available for students to install on their personal computers while they are studying at City.

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