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About City

Computer Science scholarships and funding

This page gives details of funding opportunities for postgraduate students studying Computer Science and Information Science. View undergraduate options.

Scholarships, bursaries and prizes

Financial assistance to support your learning

Hardship Fund

Postgraduate study at City, University of London is an affordable option for students from wide-ranging backgrounds. The Student Centre can advise further on Hardship support.

Schools Competition Act Settlement Trust

New opportunities for student funding for postgraduate degrees at the Schools Competition Act Settlement Trust.

Postgraduate Solutions UK

Looking for additional funding? Postgrad Solutions UK now offer 13 bursaries across a number of subject areas.

Additional assistance

The British Government provides information on grants and bursaries for adult learners.

Your own bank may offer loans. Banks sometimes prefer to finance vocational courses and you may be required to demonstrate that the programme of study will improve your long-term career prospects (and ability to pay back the loan).

Working whilst studying

Employer sponsorship

Some employers may offer financial support for part time study, but usually only where employees have proved their value and for study that relates to their work. It is not usual for companies to sponsor students who are not their current employees.

Part time study

Some of our programmes are available on a part time study basis enabling students to combine work and study.

Part time and temporary work

Careers, Student Development & Outreach provides a professional, high quality Careers and Information Service for students and recent graduates of City, in collaboration with employers and other academic and service departments within the institution.

Extra information for EU and international students

You may be eligible for some of the funding sources listed, eg for School of Informatics scholarships, but may find you do not meet the residency requirements of others.

Generally, you will need to explore sources of funding in your own country and the scholarships and bursaries available from the British government (via other governments). These sources of funding are usually applied for through your own government, not from within the UK and will have closing dates for application. The British Council provides information on:

  • The relevant Education ministry in your country
  • British Council office in your country
  • British Council Education Information Service

International students: note that it important that aim to submit your application to us by the end of July in order for you to obtain your visa before the start of the programme.