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About City

NextORC project team

The NextORC project brings together two research groups at City, University London. The Turbomachinery group specialise in small-scale turbomachinery for power generation, whilst the Compressor Centre are a leading research center in the area of screw machines. With expertise in both technologies, City is in a unique position to conduct and deliver this research because of the accumulative expertise of the academic staff and the existing experimental and computational facilities and infrastructure.

Principal Investigator
Professor Abdulnaser Sayma
Email: A.Sayma@city.ac.uk

Professor Ahmed Kovacevic
Email: A.Kovacevic@city.ac.uk

Dr Matthew Read
Email: Matthew.Read.3@city.ac.uk

Research Fellow
Dr Martin White
Email: Martin.White@city.ac.uk

Experimental Research Officer
Dr Mohsen Ghavami
Email: M.Ghavami@city.ac.uk

Previous team members
Dr Apostolos Karvountzis (Research associate)

Industrial partners

Heliex Power


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
Grant number EP/P009131/1