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About City

What is the National CSR?

CSR - the Centre for Software Reliability - was established in 1982 by a group of specialists. CSR is concerned with achieving, assessing and assuring the dependability of software-based systems.

It is committed to encouraging:

  • public awareness and debate concerning the expanding use of software in society
  • development of the scientific, technological and engineering bases of software engineering, with emphasis on the understanding and use of sound measurement and experimental practice
  • use of scientific and engineering principles in producing and evaluating software-based systems to ensure that they exhibit attributes such as safety, reliability, performance and security
  • dissemination of the above principles and practices, and their embodiment in standards and educational courses.

These aims are achieved through such activities as:

  • fostering clubs of individuals sharing relevant interest, currently
    • the Software Reliability and Metrics Club
    • the Safety Critical Systems Club

Further information: