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"Structured Elicitation of Requirements with Patterns"

Staff and funding

Principal investigator: Prof Neil Maiden

Total funding: £7000
Duration: August 1998 to February 1999

Project description

SERPS was a bilateral project between Marconi Naval Systems and the Centre for HCI Design. It explored the feasibility of exploiting the CREWS-SAVRE method and software prototype in Marconi Naval System's processes for the engineering specification of naval platforms. Specific activities included:

- Exploring the integration of CREWS-SAVRE's software prototype with current Marconi Naval System's systems engineering tools;
- Developing a shared process for scenario-based systems engineering in Marconi Naval Systems;
- Constructing a concept demonstrator to demonstrate the proposed integration;

Several activities were undertaken to achieve these goals:

- Eliciting domain knowledge from naval warfare experts using CREWS-SAVRE's knowledge framework;
- Modelling this domain knowledge within an extended version of CREWS-SAVRE's prototype;
- Extension of CREWS-SAVRE's use case specification language to large naval warfare scenarios;

Publications include

  • Maiden, N.A.M. & Corrall, D. (2000), Scenario-Driven Systems Engineering. In Proceedings IEE Informatics Division Seminar on Scenarios Through the Life-Cycle, December 7th 2000, London.