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About City

Safer handover

Staff and funding

Principal investigator: Stephanie Wilson

Co-investigator: Julia Galliers, Dr Rebecca Randell, Peter Woodward

Researcher: Julia Galliers

Total funding: £39,150 (ex VAT)

Funding source: NHS Connecting for Health

Duration: 5 months (5th January 2009 - 5th June 2009)

Project description

Clinical handover is the process of transferring responsibility for patient care from one individual or team of healthcare professionals to another, e.g. at shift change or when a patient moves from one healthcare setting to another. Faced with evidence of the consequences of failures in continuity of care, clinically safe handover has become a priority for healthcare systems worldwide.

The aims of this project, commissioned by NHS Connecting for Health, are to develop a core dataset for clinical handover that will be valid across multiple healthcare settings and types of handover and to make recommendations for an electronic tool to support the core dataset. This will be achieved through a comprehensive review of recent literature on handover, a participatory workshop with representatives of multiple stakeholder groups and a technology evaluation activity.