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Shermaine Waugh

Contact details

Email: shermaine.waugh@city.ac.uk

Room: A210 College building


Interaction Lab Intern


Shermaine is the Interaction Lab Intern at City, University of London. The Interaction Lab is a consultancy operating within the City offering human centred research and design services to both commercial and academic projects. Shermaine assists the Interaction lab Manager in day-to-day activities and special projects. In addition to booking the lab facility and tracking lab equipment, Shermaine is responsible for helping to design and run usability and accessibility evaluations using techniques such as user testing, expert reviews, eye tracking, questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups.

Shermaine is a current MSc Human Centred Systems student, and in addition to practical knowledge she gained from the course, also has freelance agency experience developing personas, user journeys, and evaluations of digital systems. During her course, Shermaine worked as a student UX consultant for the Interaction lab, where she designed evaluations and compiled usability reports for clients to help them understand how best to improve their interactive technologies. Shermaine is passionate about user research, and for her previous Master’s dissertation in Library Science conducted empirical research of serendipity in the physical library to discover how best  to support serendipity in library OPACs.

Shermaine looks forward to gaining more client facing experience as the Interaction Lab intern, and taking a lead role on user research projects.