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About City

Dr Makayla Lewis

HCID-Staff15.jpgContact details

Email: Makayla.Lewis.1@soi.city.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)20 7040 8994

Room: A214 College building

Blog: makaylalewis.wordpress.com


Research student


Makayla joined the Centre in October 2008 as a PhD student, after finishing a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Information System Design (Multimedia Information Systems) from Kingston University London. She then studied towards a Masters by Research and Dissertation degree in Human-Computer Interaction also from Kingston University London. She is funded by EPRSC to research online social network experiences and challenges from a perspective of end users with cerebral palsy. She is supervised by Stephanie Wilson and Dr. George Buchanan.

Achievements and Awards

  • Introductory Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education
  • ACM SIGACCESS  Scholarship to attend ASSETS'10 Conference on Computers and Accessibility
  • Lead organiser for Web Accessibility London 2010 (a11yLDN) - http://a11yldn.org.uk/
  • 2010 Women in Computing Research London Hopper Colloquium, 2nd prize for poster session
  • Lead organiser for centre for HCID Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day
  • 2009 Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Apollo Awards, runner up prize for volunteer individual award (17 to 25 years)
  • London Development Agency Innovation Placement Certificate
  • Kingston University London Faculty Prize for best information systems student
  • Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People in Unit 102 and 102 of British Sign Language for Level 1 certification


  • Web Accessibility London 2010 - a11yLDN - "what is accessibility" and "online communication and users with motor impairments" 
  • E-Access'10 Conference - Technology for All - Chair of round table session "Are online social networks accessible to users with motor disabilities?".
  • Research² PhD Forum - Research Methods in Information Science, Loughborough University - co-workshop presenter "approaches to dealing with data overload"
  • City University London Centre for HCI Design MPhil/PhD transfer seminar "Technology use in the CP community"
  • Women in Computing Research 2010 London Hopper Colloquium "Cerebral palsy and online social networks"
  • City University London 'inclusive design' guest lecture "Cerebral palsy and online social networks"
  • University of Sussex 11th Human-Centred Technology Postgraduate Workshop "The analysis of online social network services to include users with cerebral palsy"
  • British Computing Society 1st Annual Doctoral Consortium on Computer Science and Informatics "The relationship between physically disabled individuals and online social networks"
  • City University London Centre for HCI Design Seminar "Computer-mediated communication (non) usage within the cerebral palsy community"
  • Kensington and Chelsea Disability Youth Forum "Examination of online social network services to further include users with physical disabilities: cerebral palsy?"
  • Oxford Internet Institute Information and Web Science Doctoral Workshop "How can physically disabled on-line communication users, especially those with cerebral palsy, be further included in social network services?"
  • Kensington and Chelsea Action Disability Youth Project "The analyses of online social network services to further include users with physical disabilities: cerebral palsy."

Key Publications

  • M Lewis, 2010, 'Cerebral palsy and online social networks', 12th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility, Orlando, USA. ACM New York, NY, USA.  pp 243-244
  • M. Colbert, M Lewis, J. Chattratichart, N Edwards, 2008, 'Persuading users to perform follow-on tasks - an initial case study' ECCE 2008 Annual Conference of European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics, Madeira, Portugal. ACM New York, NY, USA. Article No.30