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About City

Graeme Aymer

Contact detailsPortrait photo of Graeme Aymer

Email: graeme.aymer.3@city.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)20 7040 0519

Room: A210, College Building


UX Consultant / StartUX Lead


Graeme is a UX Consultant and StartUX Lead at City Interaction Lab, the Human-Centred Design consultancy within City, University of London. The lab is the commercial arm of the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design.

StartUX is a project run in conjunction with Capital Accelerate and Tech Superstars (CASTS), a programme backed by the EU aiming to help London’s digital startup and small business sector to flourish. StartUX enables these businesses to benefit from the Lab’s UX know-how at no cost, through training, expert reviews and snapshot user testing.

As a StartUX Lead, Graeme provides these services to eligible clients, as well as required marketing, administration and business development. As a UX consultant, Graeme supplies similar services to Lab clients.

Graeme has also been a researcher at the university. His research focused on the issue of trust between human and machine, in this case, a smart home-heating system.  His work involved designing a set of interactions, notifications and explanations for the system’s mobile app, which needed to help users feel in control of their heating without the need to override settings; doing so risked distorting the algorithm’s data, causing system inefficiency.

In addition, Graeme has worked as a content editor, copywriter and journalist for companies as diverse as Sky, Waitrose and Future Publishing. He’s also the author of Dragon Art: Inspiration, Impact & Technique in Fantasy Art (Inspirations & Techniques) and co-writer of How To Play Bass Guitar: Easy to Read, Easy to Play; Basics, Styles & Techniques (Easy-to-Use), both for Flame Tree Publishing.

He is also a second-year part-time MSc student on City, University of London’s prestigious Human-Computer Interaction Design course.