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About City

Dr Rebecca Randell


Honorary Research Fellow


Rebecca is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design at City, University of London and a Research Fellow in the Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Leeds. Rebecca worked in the Centre on the GHandI project from January 2007 until November 2009. She has a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Glasgow and a BSc Hons in Software Engineering from the University of Durham. Her research focuses on the evaluation of technology within healthcare, using a combination of methods to understand how technology is used in practice and its impact on the processes and outcomes of care.

Research interests

  • Evaluation of technology within healthcare

Key publications

  • Mitchell, N., Randell, R., Foster, R., Dowding, D., Lattimer, V., Thompson, C., Cullum, C. and Summers, R. A National Survey of Computerized Decision Support Systems Available to Nurses in England. Journal of Nursing Management 17(7), pp.772-80

  • Randell, R., Mitchell, N., Thompson, C., McCaughan, D. and Dowding, D. From pull to push: Understanding nurses' information needs. Health Informatics Journal 15(2), pp.75-8

  • Dowding, D., Mitchell, N., Randell, R., Foster, R., Lattimer, V. and Thompson, C. Nurses' use of computerised clinical decision support systems: A case site analysis. Journal of Clinical Nursing 18, pp.1159-1167
  • Randell, R., Mitchell, N., Thompson, C., McCaughan, D. and Dowding, D. Supporting nurse decision making in primary care: exploring use of and attitude to decision tools. Health Informatics Journal 15(1), pp.5-16
  • Randell, R., Mitchell, N., Dowding, D., Cullum, N. and Thompson, C. Effects of computerized decision support systems on nursing performance and patient outcomes. Journal of Health Services Research and Policy 12(4), pp.242-251
  • Brown, B. and Randell, R. Building a context sensitive telephone: Some hopes and pitfalls for context sensitive computing. Journal of Computer Supported Cooperative Work 13(3), pp.329-345
  • Randell, R. User Customisation of Medical Devices: The Reality and the Possibilities. Cognition, Technology and Work 5(3), pp.163-170