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About City

Dara Sherwani

Contact details

Email: Dara.Sherwani.1@city.ac.uk


PhD Research Student


Dara joined the Centre for HCI Design in March 2012 to pursue his PhD, supervised by Dr. Simone Stumpf and Dr. Bill Karakostas. He was awarded his PhD in January 2017.

Dara holds a MSc with distinction in electronic business from Huddersfield University, UK. He also holds MBA degree in Net Economy from BMU in cooperation with University of Picardie, France as well as a BSc in Software Engineering from Salahaddin University, Iraq. Dara worked for 2 years as ICT solutions sales and projects coordinator, especially for Oracle solutions.

Research Interests

Dara's PhD research investigates the phenomena of user trust in online reviews and and its impact on purchase decision-making. His ongoing research aims at providing insights for enhancing the usability of review provider systems and form the basis of design improvements that help users with assessment of trustworthy content, avoid information overload and facilitate the decision making process.