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Workshop Papers


End-user Interactions with Intelligent and Autonomous Systems
Simone Stumpf, Margaret Burnett, Ween-Keen Wong & Volkmar Pipek (pdf)


Adapt, not Reinvent, the Common Sense Reusing Senses by End-users in Live Data Visualizations
Criel, Johan & Claeys, Laurence (pdf)

End-user creation of custom assistance
Allen Cypher (doc)

Some Issues with Interaction Design and Implementation in the Context of Autonomous Interactive Critical Systems
Célia Martinie, Philippe Palanque & Martina Ragosta (pdf)

End users' understanding and control of intelligent systems

The Role of Explanations in Assessing and Correcting Personalized Intelligent Agents
Todd Kulesza , Margaret Burnett, Simone Stumpf & Weng-Keen Wong (pdf)

Making User Interface Adaptation in Multi-Device Environments Understandable to End Users
Fabio Paternò, Christian Sisti & Giuseppe Zichitella (pdf)

Transparency and controllability in user interfaces that adapt during run-time
Matthias Peissner & Thomas Sellner (doc)

AI, trust and awareness

Personalized and autonomous are already everywhere; let's focus on awareness over acceptance.
Henriette Cramer (pdf)

Integrative Conceptions of Interaction With Intelligent and Autonomous Systems
Anthony Jameson (pdf)

End users' place in the system's lifecycle

Helping users understand and recover from interpretation failures in natural language interfaces
Dustin Arthur Smith & Henry Lieberman (pdf)

Designing for Effective End-User Interactive Machine Learning
Saleema Amershi & James Fogarty (pdf)

End-User Machine Learning in Music Composition and Performance
Rebecca Fiebrink & Dan Trueman (pdf)