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Recent events

Pumps, Valves and Actuators 2017
6th-7th December 2017

10th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems
11th-13th September 2017

Short Course on Computational Fluid Dynamics in Rotary Positive Displacement Machines
9th-10th September 2017, City, University of London

Tooth Profile Design and Numerical Modelling of Twin-screw Pumps Based on CFD
10th May 2016, 1.45pm, Northampton Suite C, Northampton Building, City, University of London

Progress in Sliding Vane Rotary Technology
20th January 2016, 1.00pm, Room AG04, College Building, City, University of London

Theory of Hydrostatic Machines and Hydrostatic Power Drives
28th January 2016, 3.00pm, Room C316, Tait Building, City, University of London

9th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems
7th-9th September 2015, Mermaid Conference Centre

20th Anniversary of the Centre for Positive Displacement Compressors Technology
6th September 2015, City, University of London

Research seminars

18th May 2015, R202, Franklin Building – City, University of London

20th April 2015, Northampton Suite A, City, University of London