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About City

Research Centre of Biomedical Engineering Projects

Current Projects

Project Principal investigator(s)
Modelling of light tissue interactions in Photoplethysmography Dr J Phillips, Prof P Kyriacou Ms S Chatterjee
Image analysis for neutrophils and other cells Dr C Reyes-Aldasoro Mr J Solis-Lemus
Development and assessment of a novel intra-luminal sensor for monitoring intestinal viability in colorectal cancer surgery Prof P A Kyriacou Miss Z Patel
Development of a digital wearable multiwavelength photoplethysmograhic (PPG) system for the Investigation of muscle perfusion Prof P A Kyriacou Mr M Razban
Application of phononic crystals as liquid sensors Prof P Kyriacou (City University London); Prof R T Villa (Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia, Colombia) Mr S Villa
Non Invasive monitoring of Blood pressure utilizing the photoplethysmograph Prof P Kyriacou (City University London); Prof R T Villa (Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia, Colombia) Mr B Escobar
Blood flow phenomenon in arteries using coupled field analysis. Prof P A Kyriacou, Prof. R Pai B, Manipal University, India Mr N Kumar

Completed Projects

Project Principal investigator(s)
Photoplethysmography in the assessment of blood flow and vascular mechanicsProf P A Kyriacou Ms H Njoum
Personal Lithium Blood Level Analyser for patients with Bipolar Mood Disorder Prof P A Kyriacou Dr M Qassem, Dr L Constantinou
Non-invasive optical sensors for the monitoring of cerebral oxygenation and detection of Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy (HIE) in neonates Prof P A Kyriacou Dr J May
A non-invasive optical intracranial pressure monitoring system Dr J P Phillips Dr T Abay Ysehak
Spectrophotometric Techniques for the Assessment of Tissue Perfusion in Plastic Surgery Prof P A Kyriacou Dr T Abay Ysehak, Dr Tina Zaman, Dr M Hickey
An Intelligent Intervertebral Disc Prosthesis for the Assessment of Spinal Loading Prof P A Kyriacou Dr M Pancholi
NHS:My Care (Electronic Personalised Medical Records) Prof P A Kyriacou, Prof A Woodcock (Coventry University) Dr V Rybynok, Dr J Binnersley (Coventry University)
Fibre-optic Sensor for Measuring Splanchnic Blood Perfusion Prof P A Kyriacou Dr M Hickey
Novel oesophageal blood oxygen sensors in adult and neonatal monitoring Prof P Kyriacou Dr J May
In vivo and in vitro investigations of skin hydration and barrier function using Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) Prof P A Kyriacou Dr M Qassem
Optical imaging and optical spectroscopy investigating Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in neonates Professor P Kyriacou  
Optical sensors for continuous monitoring of cerebrospinal fluid pulsations in neonatal hydrocephalus Prof P Kyriacou, Dr M Hickey
Reflectance Photoplethysmography as Noninvasive Monitoring of Tissue Blood Perfusion Prof P Kyriacou T Y Abay
Evaluation of a combined laser Doppler and photoplethysmographic system for intra-operative monitoring of bowel tissue viability Dr J P Phillips Dr Z Abdollahi
Development and evaluation of the 'Sensing ET Tube' for multi-parameter monitoring. Dr J P Phillips, Prof P Kyriacou Dr J May
Investigating the relations of the Photoplethysmogram with cardiovascular changes Dr J Phillips, Prof P Kyriacou Dr M Hickey
Assessment of splanchnic perfusion using an intra-luminal opto-electronic probe placed at the duodenum Prof P Kyriacou Dr C Gama, Dr A Belhaj
In vivo investigations of photoplethysmograms and arterial oxygen saturation from the auditory canal in conditions of compromised peripheral perfusion Prof P Kyriacou Mr K Budidha
An optical fibre system for monitoring blood oxygen saturation of brain tissue Dr J Phillips  
Advanced Photoplethysmographic Instrumentation: ZenPPG Dr V Rybynok, Prof P Kyriacou, Dr J Phillips, Dr M Hickey Mr K Budidha, Dr J May,
Optical assessment of spinal cord haemodynamics in animal models of spinal cord injury Dr J Phillips