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About City

Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Placements and Internships

Electrical & Electronic Engineering students undertake placements for a range of employers ranging from multi-national corporations to start-up ventures. Our students select their placements depending on their individual interests and the degree programme they are studying. Previous Electrical & Electronic Engineering students have completed placements in various sectors including: electronics, IT, energy, manufacturing, power, transport, audio, telecommunications and research and development. A small example of where our students have been placed can be seen below:

EON logoTFL logoDepartment for Works and Pensions logo

Interoute logoUCAS logoNissan logo

What our students do on placement

Students undertake relevant professional industry work which relates to their specific degree programme and their future employment goals. Previous placement students have completed work in electrical testing, project management, analysis, development and support for software products, designing and testing fire detection test equipment and quality and assurance for transport systems. Some examples of the roles our students have undertaken on placement can be found below:

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

  • Audio and IT Engineer
  • Production Engineering Student Assistant

Engineering with Management and Entrepreneurship

  • Laboratory Technician
  • Business Digitisation Associate

Skills our students gain on placement

Placement students develop both professional and technical skills. Our engineering students develop strong fault finding skills, the ability to resolve issues relating to engineering equipment and troubleshooting skills. In addition, our students have developed their confidence, professionalism and networking skills. After undertaking a professional placement students have felt better able to evaluate and analyse, present complex information clearly and feel more confident in their ability to work as part of a team.

In addition to various professional skills, placement students have gained a variety of technical skills including; workshop safety, electronic circuits, firmware writing, programming, design, testing, electronic construction, laboratory experimentation and recording and presenting information.

Placement students have gained a deeper knowledge of the engineering sector as well as the various career paths available to them after graduation.