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About City

Placement and internship schemes

Benefits of a Placement

Completing a placement at City offers an excellent opportunity for students to put into practice the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom, however the benefits don't stop there. 

A placement at City will:

  • Provide you with the chance to earn whilst you study - Placement students are paid up to £25,000. However some organisations may pay significantly more.
  • Help you develop new skills - Placements offer on the job learning and bespoke training that will help enhance your skill-set and add to your CV
  • Enhance your employability - Organisations are very keen to employ graduates with existing professional experience. Your placement provider may even offer you a graduate level job if you perform well on placement
  • Improve your academic performance - In general, students who complete a placement year demonstrate an improved performance in their final year 
  • Give you the opportunity to gain an insight into an organisation and industry without any long-term obligations -This will help you with future career planning
  • Give you a head start in your chosen field - With the experience you gain,  you may be able to enter an organisation at a higher level on completion of your studies.
  • Develop your network of professional contacts - This may become useful when you come to applying for graduate jobs or when completing project work in your final year

We aim to enhance the education you are offered by creating opportunities for you to interact with industry. Find out more below.