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Computer Science, Kajendran Sivakarunathilakan

BSc Computer Science Professional Pathway placement student.

Kajendran Sivakarunathilakan During my time on the professional pathway scheme I’ve had the opportunity to work at 20th Century Fox (Support analyst), BlackRock (Deskside support engineer) & GSK (SAP service analyst).

Having had the opportunity at these 3 leading organisations within their respective area has given me a great amount of exposure into those specific industry sectors. One of the biggest advantages of doing a placement year let alone professional pathway is the amount of skills you can develop along the ways and also sharpen existing skills as there is always something you can learn from your fellow professionals.

Professional pathway is a scheme I would highly recommend to any student as the benefits that the scheme has on your long term career goals far outweigh the short term sacrifices that you have to make. As personally speaking I was able to see the huge difference between having no experiences and applying for jobs during the start of the process and now having experience on my CV and applying for jobs. The professional pathway scheme has improved my long term career goals as it has equipped me with the right state of mind and a great set of skills combined with networking opportunities and building relationships with senior members within each respective organisation that I’ve worked in which all aids me in trying to achieve my career aspirations.